BOLDcast 86: Eighty Six Full Reaction

Boldcast 86: Eighty Six Full Reaction Boldcast 86 Eighty Six Full Reaction

BOLDcast is a YouTube channel that posts reactions to 86: Eighty Six, an anime about a war with mecha. 86: Eighty Six follows Shin and Lena, two soldiers who fight and talk to each other. BOLDcast’s reactions are lively, emotional, and smart. They also talk to their fans and patrons. One of their recent videos is their reaction to episode 16, where they see the battle’s aftermath. The video has many views and comments. You can watch their video here. You can also see their other videos here. If you like anime, you might like BOLDcast. But please don’t spoil anything for them or others. Thank you.

86: Eighty Six Full Reaction

Episode Link
1 Streamable
2 Vidyard
3 Streamable
4 Vidyard
5 Vidyard
6 Vidyard
7 Vidyard
8 Vidyard
9 Vidyard
10 Vidyard
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