BOLDcast Blue Lock Full Reaction

Boldcast Blue Lock Full Reaction Boldcast Blue Lock Full Reaction

BOLDcast is a YouTube channel that posts reactions to Blue Lock, an anime about a soccer project that aims to create the best striker in the world. BOLDcast’s reactions are entertaining, emotional, and insightful, as they share their opinions on the characters, plot, and themes of the anime. They also interact with their fans and patrons, who support their channel and suggest anime for them to watch.

One of their latest videos is their reaction to Blue Lock episode 23, where they witness the final match of the first stage of the project. The video has over 3 thousand views and dozens of comments, mostly praising their genuine reactions and expressing their excitement for the next stage. You can watch their video here1. They also have reactions to other episodes of Blue Lock, as well as other anime such as Code Geass, Hunter x Hunter, Haikyuu, Attack on Titan, and more. You can check out their channel here2.

If you are a fan of Blue Lock or anime in general, you might enjoy watching BOLDcast’s reactions and joining their community. They are one of the many anime reaction channels on YouTube that offer entertainment and commentary on various anime shows. However, please be respectful and avoid spoiling future events or episodes for them or other viewers. Thank you for your interest in BOLDcast and Blue Lock. Have a nice day.

BOLDcast Blue Lock Full Reaction

Episode Title Streaming Site
Blue Lock (Part 1) Vimeo
Blue Lock (Part 2) Vimeo
Blue Lock (Part 3) Vimeo
Blue Lock (Part 4) Vimeo
Blue Lock (Part 5) Vimeo
Blue Lock (Part 6) Vimeo
Blue Lock (Part 7) Vimeo
Blue Lock (Part 8) Vimeo
Road to 11 vs 11 Vimeo
House of Evolution Vimeo
The Lone Striker Vimeo
Save the Manager Vimeo
Qualifiers Vimeo
The Final Piece Vimeo
Revival Vimeo
Fierce Battle Vimeo
Risk Vimeo
The Determination Vimeo
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