BOLDcast Demon Slayer Full Reaction

Boldcast Demon Slayer Full Reaction Boldcast Demon Slayer Full Reaction

BOLDcast is a YouTube channel that posts reactions and reviews of various anime shows, including Demon Slayer. Demon Slayer is a popular anime series that follows the adventures of Tanjiro, a young boy who becomes a demon slayer after his family is killed by demons. One of their most viewed videos is their reaction to episode 26 of Demon Slayer, which is the final episode of the first season.

In their video, BOLDcast expresses their admiration for the animation, the music, and the story of Demon Slayer. They praise the character development of Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, and Inosuke, as well as the villains like Muzan and Rui. They also comment on the emotional moments, such as the farewell between Tanjiro and the Hashiras, the flashback of Tanjiro’s father, and the revelation of Nezuko’s blood demon art. They are excited for the upcoming movie and the second season of Demon Slayer, and they share their expectations and predictions.

BOLDcast’s reaction is entertaining and engaging, as they show genuine enthusiasm and passion for Demon Slayer. They also provide insightful analysis and opinions on the themes and messages of the anime. They have a good chemistry and rapport with each other, and they make jokes and references that add humor and fun to their video. Their video is a good example of how to create a helpful and enjoyable content for anime fans. You can watch their video here.


BOLDcast Demon Slayer Full Reaction


Episode Link
1 YouTube
2 YouTube
3 YouTube
4 YouTube
5 YouTube
6 YouTube
7 YouTube
8 YouTube
9 YouTube
10 YouTube
11 YouTube
12 YouTube
13 YouTube
14 YouTube
15 YouTube
16 YouTube
17 YouTube
18 YouTube Playlist
19 YouTube
20 YouTube
21 YouTube
22 YouTube
23 YouTube
24 YouTube
25 YouTube
26 YouTube

Season 2

Episode Link
Mugen Train Rengoku Vs Akaza Re-Reaction Vimeo
8 Vimeo
9 Vimeo
10 Vimeo
11 Vimeo
12 Vimeo
13 Vimeo
14 Vimeo
15 Vimeo
16 Vimeo
17 Vimeo
18 Vimeo

Season 3

Episode Link
1 Vimeo
2 & 3 Vimeo
4 Vimeo
5 Vimeo
6 Vimeo
7 Vimeo
8 Vimeo
9 Vimeo
10 Vimeo
11 Vimeo
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