BOLDcast Fruits Basket Full Reaction

Boldcast Fruits Basket Full Reaction Boldcast Fruits Basket Full Reaction

BOLDcast is a YouTube channel that posts reactions to Fruits Basket, an anime about a girl who meets a family that turns into animals of the zodiac. BOLDcast’s reactions are entertaining, emotional, and insightful, as they share their opinions on the characters, plot, and themes of the anime. They also interact with their fans and patrons, who support their channel and suggest anime for them to watch.

One of their latest videos is their reaction to Fruits Basket Season 1 Episode 1, where they are introduced to the main characters and the premise of the story. The video has over 5 thousand views and hundreds of comments, mostly praising their amazing reactions and expressing their love for the anime. You can watch their video here1. They also have reactions to other episodes of Fruits Basket, as well as other anime such as Code Geass, Hunter x Hunter, Haikyuu, Attack on Titan, and more. You can check out their channel here2.

If you are a fan of Fruits Basket or anime in general, you might enjoy watching BOLDcast’s reactions and joining their community. They are one of the many anime reaction channels on YouTube that offer entertainment and commentary on various anime shows. However, please be respectful and avoid spoiling future events or episodes for them or other viewers. Thank you for your interest in BOLDcast and Fruits Basket. Have a nice day.

BOLDcast Fruits Basket Full Reaction

Episode Title Streaming Site
Tohru Goes to Live with the Soma Family Vidyard
They’re All Animals! Vidyard
Let’s Play Rich Man-Poor Man! Vidyard
What Year Is She? Vidyard
I’ve Been Fooling Myself Vidyard
Perhaps We Should Invite Ourselves Over Vidyard
Spring Comes Vidyard
It’s Because I’ve Been Loved That I’ve Become Stronger Vidyard
Yuki Was My First Love Vidyard
A Prince in a Box Vidyard
Make It Clear If It’s Black or White Vidyard
You Look Well… Vidyard
How Have You Been, My Brother? Vidyard
That’s a Secret Vidyard
I’m So Sorry! Vidyard
Summer Will Be Here Soon Vidyard
I Can’t Believe You Picked It Up Vidyard
This Is for Uo-chan! Vidyard
I’m Disappointed in You Vidyard
Summer Break Vidyard
Let’s Go Home Vidyard
You Look Like You’re Having Fun Vidyard
It’s Cinderella-ish Vidyard
What’s Important Is… Vidyard
Let’s Start the Watermelon Splitting Contest! Vidyard
See You Again Soon Vidyard
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