Buu’s strongest form in Dragon Ball gives him great power

Buu'S Strongest Form In Dragon Ball Gives Him Great Power Majin Boo Dabura.webp

Majin Buu’s journey in “Dragon Ball Z” is marked by epic transformations and battles, culminating in a memorable saga. However, a shocking revelation in the manga “Super Dragon Ball Heroes” brings to light a previously unknown form of Buu, uniting with the power of Dabura and the three-star Dark Dragon Ball, unleashing a formidable force.

“Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission” presents a scenario where the Dark Dragon Balls are scattered through time by villains, inciting an unbridled search for these powerful artifacts.

Future Trunks, along with variants of iconic characters from “Dragon Ball Z”, are summoned by the Supreme Kai of Time to form the Time Patrollers, a team tasked with correcting the course of time and recovering the Dark Dragon Balls. In this mission, they face an alternate version of Majin Buu, which is tied to the three-star Dark Dragon Ball.

The Emergence of the Unstoppable Dark Demon God Buu

In the fifth chapter of this adventure, Dabura returns, now elevated to the status of Demon God, in search of the Dark Dragon Ball for reasons of his own. After a confrontation with Buu, Dabura is absorbed by him, resulting in the creation of the Dark Demon God Buu, an entity with powers amplified by the Dark Dragon Ball and Dabura’s newly acquired abilities.

This new form of Buu is characterized by shadowy markings on his face and the Dark Dragon Ball embedded in his chest, as well as wielding Dabura’s Darkness Sword. The battle intensifies when Xeno Future Trunks faces Dark Demon God Buu, culminating in an epic clash of blades. The situation worsens with the intervention of Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta, who merge into Xeno Vegito to face this formidable enemy.

Although Vegito’s original fusion prevailed over Super Buu, Dark Demon God Buu demonstrates remarkable resistance, keeping up with Xeno Vegito for an impressive period. The fight is interrupted by a mysterious figure, allowing Buu to escape.

Buu later becomes even more powerful by absorbing Xeno Janemba and the five-star Dark Dragon Ball, but is eventually defeated by the villains in the fight for the Dark Dragon Balls. Taking into account Buu’s power level before these additional absorptions, the possibility of Vegito surpassing him seems remote, putting the heroes in a precarious situation.

Dark Demon God Buu represents, without a doubt, the most powerful incarnation of Majin Buu. Its existence and destructive potential are elements that, luckily, have never been confronted in the main timeline of “Dragon Ball”. This unexplored chapter adds a new dimension to the already rich Buu saga, expanding the “Dragon Ball” universe in unexpected and exciting ways.

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