Cell NEVER reached his final form in Dragon Ball Z

Cell Never Reached His Final Form In Dragon Ball Z Dbgt Cell.webp

Let’s dive into this story that seems straight out of a science fiction comic. In the world of Dragon Ball Z, the villain Cell stood out for being a real tough nut to crack. Just imagine, the guy could regenerate from almost everything Goku and the Z-Fighters gang threw at him. It was kind of crazy business! But then an idea arises: what would happen if Cell knew a little secret from Dragon Ball GT? This could have turned him into something even scarier, a truly “perfect” version.

Cell was this bio-android created by Dr. Gero, a kind of mixture of the best powers of Dragon Ball heroes and villains up to that point. The guy was a mix of everything powerful, including Piccolo’s abilities, who, although he wasn’t the strongest in the gang at the time, had a sensational regeneration ability. This made Cell a practically invincible opponent. But even with all this regeneration, he still had a weak point.

The GT Element and the Unbreakable Mouma

Cell and the Possibility of Invincibility

Now, pay attention to this Dragon Ball GT thing. In episode 10 of the first season, Goku, Pan and Trunks find themselves on an asteroid, facing giant worms called Mouma. These animals were tough enough, to the point of withstanding the strongest attacks from the trio. And here comes the big thing: if Cell absorbed one of these Mouma, he would have an unbreakable head!

In the original saga, Cell could regenerate anything, unless they destroyed a specific part of his brain. That’s what Goku and Gohan did to put an end to him. But, imagine if he could have the hard shell of the Mouma protecting this vital part? We would have a practically indestructible Cell.

Cell already had the ability to absorb anyone and take some characteristics and powers. So, if he knew about this possibility and made a jump on the Mouma asteroid, no one would shoot him down. This would have completely changed the game in Dragon Ball Z.

Conclusion: A Mixture of Universes

Cell’s Invincibility Theory

This whole idea is a very interesting mix of the Dragon Ball Z and GT universes. This question remains: what would have happened if Cell had this GT update? Would Goku and the gang have been able to deal with a villain like that? It’s one of those “what if…” that leave us thinking and make the Dragon Ball universe even more fascinating. After all, in a world where time travel and fighting gods are normal, who knows what else could happen?

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