Chainsaw Man: What is the Hunger Devil’s plan?

Chainsaw Man: What Is The Hunger Devil'S Plan? What Is The Fa Vil S Plan.webp

Embarking on a new phase of the “Chainsaw Man” series, author Tatsuki Fujimoto surprises by introducing Asa Mitaka as the protagonist of the Academia Saga, succeeding the exciting Public Security Saga.

Asa, now host of Yoru, the Demon of War, finds herself immersed in a whirlwind of events involving the Four Horsemen, the most fearsome demons in the narrative. Meanwhile, Denji, the previous central character, is adapting to student life, and Fami, the Hunger Devil and Yoru’s sister, appears, bringing new layers of complexity to the story.

Asa’s skills as a Demon Hunter improve, but she comes across a disturbing prophecy about the return of the most powerful demon. Fami, mysteriously, appears to be trying to prevent this return, but her true intentions remain unclear, suggesting significant implications for the balance of the fictional world of “Texas Chainsaw Man.”

The Enigmatic Devil of Hunger

Fami, the Hunger Devil, emerges as a complex and multifaceted figure. She not only manipulates Asa and other characters, but also plays a crucial role in current events.

Her insatiable appetite and ability to manipulate place her at a level of power and influence comparable to that of characters like Makima. Fami is the mastermind behind several intrigues, including the secret leadership of the Church of the Chainsaw Man and the mass weddings, which serve greater, darker purposes.

Nostradamus Prophecy and the Power Game

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The story deepens with the introduction of a prophecy by Nostradamus, predicting the arrival of the Devil of Death. This prediction serves as the catalyst for a series of catastrophic events, engineered by Fami. The appearance of the Fallen Devil on Earth is a key piece in this plan, raising questions about Fami’s true motivations and the extent of his manipulations.

The Hidden Strategy of the Hunger Devil

Chainsaw Man: What Is The Hunger Devil'S Plan? 1707900018 526 Chainsaw Man What Is The Hunger Devils Plan.webp

Fami’s ultimate goal is revealed to be an attempt to prevent the apocalypse to protect his gastronomic indulgences. This peculiar desire leads her to manipulate the course of prophetic events. Part of her plan involves strengthening the War Demon, Yoru, and reestablishing fear and chaos in the world, which would indirectly strengthen the Chainsaw Demon (Denji) through fear.

This Fami strategy includes destabilizing Denji and Nayuta’s quiet life and manipulating events to make Chainsaw Man a feared figure again. His actions, such as mass weddings and control of the Fallen Devil, are calculated steps toward achieving his sinister goals.

As the prophetic date approaches, the narrative intensifies with the rise of more powerful demons. With Asa and Denji at the center of events, the end of the saga is unpredictable. The question remains: will Fami be able to carry out his plan, or will the consequences be very serious for everyone involved? As the plot unfolds, readers are drawn into a world of suspense and surprises, where every action has a deeper meaning and Fami’s plans remain a fascinating mystery.

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