Check out Ash’s 10 strongest Pokémon

Check Out Ash'S 10 Strongest Pokémon Pokemon Ash Pokemon.webp

10. Snorlax: The Sleeping Giant with Unmatched Strength

In “Pokémon: Adventures in the Orange Islands”, episode “Snack Attack”, Ash met his Snorlax in the Orange Islands. This Pokémon stood out for its brute strength and voracious appetite, capable of swimming from island to island consuming everything in sight. His combat prowess was demonstrated by stopping an enraged Rhydon with a single blow. Snorlax also stands out in the use of Hyper Beam, a powerful technique that has guaranteed him several victories in tournaments. However, their tendency to eat and sleep more than fight sometimes hinders their motivation to battle to their full potential.

9. Melmetal: The Mythical Metal Giant

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Ash captured one of the rarest and strongest Pokémon, Melmetal, in “Pokémon Sun & Moon”, in the episode “Got Meltan?”. Originally a Meltan, Melmetal evolved when hundreds of Meltan merged to help Ash in the Alola League. Despite having had few chances to demonstrate his skills in battle and a modest performance in the tournament, Melmetal has the potent Double Iron Bash attack. When given the opportunity, Melmetal proves to be one of Ash’s strongest Pokémon.

8. Dracovish: The Prehistoric Force

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The episode “A Pinch of This, a Pinch of That!” from “Pokémon Journeys” introduces Dracovish, a Pokémon created from an unsuccessful fossil experiment. Ash was responsible for this peculiar Pokémon after scientific research was completed. With a massive jaw and the ability to perform the devastating Fishious Rend attack in addition to Ice Fang, Dracovish has become a fearsome opponent despite his distracted nature.

7. Hawlucha: The Dramatic Wrestler and Mentor

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Hawlucha, captured in the “Pokémon XY” episode “The Champion of the Forest!”, was the protector of a forest before joining Ash. He quickly became a favorite during Ash’s adventures in Kalos. Its special move, Flying Press, has secured several victories, including against opponents with type advantages, such as gym leader Valerie. In addition to being a formidable fighter, Hawlucha acted as a mentor to Ash’s other Pokémon, such as Noibat, whom he taught to fly. His love of theatricality, however, sometimes prevented him from adopting the best strategy in battle.

6. Goodra: The Courageous Challenger

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Goodra’s story begins in “Pokémon XY”, in the episode “A Slippery Encounter!”, when Ash encountered this Pokémon as a Goomy. Goodra wanted to become stronger and braver, a goal that Ash helped her achieve. His Hydration ability and Bide technique, which allows him to absorb attacks and return them with force, have made him a surprisingly powerful competitor. Despite facing past traumas, particularly her fear of Fairy and Bug-type Pokémon, Goodra overcame these difficulties with Ash’s help.

5. Sceptile: The Determination of a Champion

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In the “Pokémon Advanced Generation” episode “Tree’s A Crowd”, Ash found Sceptile still as Treecko, helping him defend his home. Evolving into Grovyle and later Sceptile, it became one of Ash’s most trusted, shining especially when situations were adverse, thanks to the Overgrow ability. Sceptile stood out by defeating Darkrai in the Sinnoh Pokémon League, an impressive feat. However, his pride was sometimes a hindrance, as evidenced when he lost the ability to attack after being rejected by a Meganium. Still, his pride doesn’t stop him from being among Ash’s five most powerful Pokémon.

4. Lucario: The Tireless Fighting Force

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Lucario joined Ash in “Pokémon Journeys”, in the episode “Caring for a Mystery!”. Hatched from an egg, Lucario and Ash established a strong connection, facilitated by Ash’s ability to sense Pokémon’s auras. Lucario proved to be a formidable warrior, fighting Eternatus shortly after evolving and excelling against Dynamaxed Pokémon. Furthermore, it can Mega Evolve thanks to a Mega Stone obtained from Korrina. Although initially impulsive, Lucario matured after its evolution, becoming a crucial part of Ash’s team.

3. Infernape: The Strength that Rises in Adversity

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Captured in “Pokémon Diamond & Pearl”, episode “Smells Like Team Spirit!”, Infernape has a story of overcoming. Originally rejected by Paul because he was considered weak, Ash took Chimchar in and trained him until he became a powerful Infernape. His Blaze ability, which increases his strength at critical moments, is one of his greatest assets. With a preference for the Mach Punch attack, Infernape demonstrated enough boldness to challenge a Moltres in “Pokémon Journeys”.

2. Charizard: The Almost Unbeatable Legend

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In “Pokémon”, episode “Charmander – The Stray Pokémon”, Ash found Charizard as an abandoned Charmander. After a period of disobedience, Charizard came to respect Ash and became one of the trainer’s most loyal and powerful Pokémon. He participated in several leagues and faced countless Legendary Pokémon, often with remarkable performance. Known for his rivalries, especially with other Dragon-types, Charizard has also demonstrated a mentoring side, helping young Fire-type Pokémon reach their potential.

1. Greninja: The Transforming Lasso

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Greninja, captured in the “Pokémon XY” episode “Lumiose City Pursuit”, shares such an intense bond with Ash that it allows for a transformation similar to Mega Evolution. Always focused and serious in training, Greninja and his Water Shuriken attack were radically strengthened in the Ash-Greninja state. Although he remained in Kalos as a protector, Greninja reappeared in “Journeys” to train Ash’s Lucario, contributing significantly to Ash’s victory in the World Coronation Series. This unique bond and impressive winning record make Greninja, besides Pikachu, Ash’s strongest Pokémon.

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