Check out Luffy’s best Haki demonstrations in One Piece so far

Check Out Luffy'S Best Haki Demonstrations In One Piece So Far Luffy Haki Feats.webp

Luffy establishes himself as a true prodigy in the use of Haki in “One Piece”. Although he began exploring Haki in more depth only recently, he progressed quickly, reaching impressive levels in a short period of time. His natural ability combined with an extraordinary growth rate makes him one of the most skilled Haki users in the series. The battles in the New World served as the stage for some of Luffy’s most notable feats with Haki, highlighting his exceptional capabilities.

6. The Knockout of 50,000 Fishmen

In the Fishman Island Arc, Luffy displayed one of the most spectacular uses of Conqueror’s Haki, knocking out 50,000 Fishmen in an instant. This feat demonstrated the advanced level of his Haki, allowing him to easily subdue powerful opponents. According to Oda, the effectiveness of Conqueror’s Haki increases with the disparity in power between the combatants, and Luffy exemplified this perfectly.

5. Ryuo: Internal Damage to Kaido

During the Wano Country Arc, Luffy evolved his Haki to a new level. Previously, his Armament Haki was competent but not exceptional. After his first defeat to Kaido, Luffy realized the need to intensify his Haki, which he achieved in the Prisoner Mine in Udon. He has enhanced his Haki to the point where he can channel it to cause internal damage, an ability he used to seriously injure Kaidou, marking a significant evolution in his control over Haki.

4. Future Prediction and Evasion of Thunder Bagua

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Luffy’s ability to predict the future, awakened in the Whole Cake Island arc, was improved during the Wano Country arc, reaching a level comparable to Katakuri’s. Initially, Luffy managed to partially avoid Kaido’s Thunder Bagua attack, but was affected by its consequences. After a defeat and a stronger return, he perfected this skill, managing to dodge imminent attacks with ease. Luffy’s enhanced ability to foresee the future is a testament to his ever-increasing mastery over Haki, reflecting his continued evolution and adaptability in battle.

3. Knocking out Kizaru with White Star Gun

In the current One Piece arc, Egghead Island, Luffy once again demonstrates his mastery over Conqueror’s Haki. In a confrontation with Admiral Kizaru, even though he is not at full strength, Luffy manages to keep his opponent at a distance. The highlight of the fight is the use of the White Star Gun technique, where Luffy, spinning at high speed, reinforces his fist with Conqueror’s Haki, directly hitting Kizaru’s skull and knocking him out. This attack showcases Luffy’s power, knocking down an opponent worth 3 billion berries with a single blow, leaving Kizaru disoriented for several minutes.

2. Dividing the Heavens: Showdown with Kaido

Check Out Luffy'S Best Haki Demonstrations In One Piece So Far 1706758990 307 Check Out Luffys Best Haki Demonstrations In One Piece So.webp

Another memorable moment of Luffy’s use of Conqueror’s Haki occurs in the Wano Country arc. Splitting the heavens, a feat normally reserved for emperor-level characters, is performed by Luffy in his clash with Kaido. This feat, previously seen in battles between legendary figures such as Shanks and Whitebeard, and later Big Mom and Kaido, symbolizes Luffy’s rise to the level of Emperor of the Sea. This achievement highlights his growth and mastery over Haki.

1. Bajrang Gun: Devastating Internal Damage

Luffy’s most impressive use of Haki so far is the Bajrang Gun technique, also introduced in the Wano Country arc. With this ability, Luffy forms a gigantic fist, completely covering him with Conqueror and Armament Haki. The magnitude of this attack is already remarkable, but the most surprising aspect is its use against Kaido. Luffy manages to penetrate Kaido’s defenses, using Ryuo to channel Haki into the opponent’s body, causing extensive internal damage and defeating him with a single blow. This attack not only highlights Luffy’s strength, but also establishes itself as one of the greatest feats of Haki in the One Piece series, both by Luffy and any other character.

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