Check out the 10 best anime “power-ups” we had in 2023

Check Out The 10 Best Anime “Power-Ups” We Had In 2023 Img 1312.Webp

2023 has been a phenomenal year for anime lovers, bringing not only new and exciting series but also epic moments of character development with some incredible power-ups.

These were not just displays of brute strength; many also symbolized psychological growth and overcoming personal challenges. Let’s dive into the 10 best anime power-ups of 2021!

Gabimaru learns the secret of the Tao in “Infernal Paradise: Jigokuraku”

Already known for his strength, Gabimaru elevates his game by mastering the Tao. This evolution is not just an increase in power; it is a demonstration of his intelligence and body awareness acquired as a Shinobi. He can not only understand but also apply the Tao in the heat of battle, drastically turning the tides in his favor.

Midoriya in “My Hero Academia”

Deku’s trajectory from Quirkless hero to dark vigilante in Season 6 is nothing short of inspiring. He becomes the only beacon of hope in a world of shattered heroes, carrying the burden of putting society back together. Deku learns that even with great power, true change requires teamwork and trust in others.

Ichigo and his Zanpakuto in “Bleach: The Thousand Year Blood War”

After the destruction of his Bankai, Ichigo needs to reforge his sword. The result is a Zanpakuto with two blades, representing his Quincy and Hollow natures. This union symbolizes not only an increase in power, but also a self-discovery, making your new strength something deserved.

Boruto surpasses Naruto in “Boruto: Two Blue Vortices”

Boruto, often overshadowed by his father’s fame, finally shines in “Two Blue Vortices”. He returns from the time jump transformed, displaying a powerful new Rasengan and enhanced swordsmanship skills. This rise marks his independence as a character and hero.

Fern becomes a full-fledged mage in “Freeze: Beyond Journey’s End”

Fern’s growth from a magical apprentice to a powerful wizard is a highlight in “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End.” Your ability to face and defeat an ancient demon alone

Gohan Beast makes history in “Dragon Ball Super”

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Remember that time Gohan turned into the Beast in the movie? Well, now this is an official part of the manga saga! This is huge, because what happens in the “Dragon Ball” films doesn’t always make it into the canon, but “Super” is changing the rules of the game. Now, with Gohan Beast in the manga, the guy is ready to shine in the next arc!

Isagi x Rin: the epic battle in “Blue Lock”

“Blue Lock” was the sensation of 2023, and, damn, what power-ups! The guys don’t have superpowers, but the skills are so exaggerated that it looks like a shonen fighting game. Isagi showing off and surpassing Rin, who was the top of the bunch, was chilling!

Satoru Gojo and the challenge of death in “Jujutsu Kaisen”

The 2nd season of “Jujutsu Kaisen” was a rollercoaster, with the highlight Gojo almost crashing. But then, at the right time, the guy masters the Reverse Cursed Technique, heals himself and comes out even stronger. Now he can use his powers without fear of detonating himself, which is like… wow!

Nezuko turns the tables in “Demon Slayer”

Check Out The 10 Best Anime “Power-Ups” We Had In 2023 1706598365 53 Check Out The 10 Best Anime Power Ups We Had In.webp

Nezuko was amazing in the 3rd season of “Demon Slayer”, resisting sunlight, something that not even Muzan himself could do. That put her at the top of his hit list. Her persistence in not giving in to her bloodlust and protecting Tanjiro is enough to leave anyone’s jaw dropping.

Luffy reaches Gear 5 in “One Piece”

And the award for most epic moment goes to Luffy and his transformation into Gear 5 in “One Piece”. Everyone was eager to see what it would be like in the anime, and it didn’t disappoint. The way they mixed humor and action is the hallmark of the series, and when Luffy got there, the internet almost crashed! Gear 5 is more than a power-up, it is the essence of “One Piece” in its best form.

So, do you agree with this list? Each of these moments was a real blast, showing that the anime is not just about fights and powers, but also about growth, challenges and, of course, those breathtaking moments that make us glued to the screen.

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