Check out the 6 strongest Haki users in the final saga of One Piece

Check Out The 6 Strongest Haki Users In The Final Saga Of One Piece One Piece Strongest Hak.webp

In the “One Piece” universe, one of the two main powers is Haki, distinct from Devil Fruits due to its unique characteristics. While Devil Fruits have notable disadvantages, such as depriving the user of the ability to swim and being weakened by sea rocks, Haki has no such limitations. However, the challenge of Haki lies in its acquisition and mastery, requiring months or even years of dedication to master the basic aspects.

Mastery of Haki brings significant rewards, increasing one’s resolve. In the Final Saga of “One Piece”, we witness great characters demonstrating their Haki skills, elevating them into formidable and fearsome opponents.

6. Dracule Mihawk

The best swordsman in the world

Dracule Mihawk, recognized as the most skilled swordsman in the world, is a prestigious name in “One Piece”. His fame derives from being unsurpassed in swordsmanship, a title confirmed by his historic battles with Shanks, which marked the Grand Line. Mihawk uses the Yoru, a black Saijo O-Wazamono sword, and although he has not yet been fully challenged in combat, his reputation places him among the most competent fighters in the series. His likely proficiency in Haki, suggested by his ability to teach Zoro, only reinforces his position.

5. Monkey D. Luffy

Youngest Yonko

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Monkey D. Luffy ascended to the title of Yonkou after defeating Kaido in Wano, a notable feat that expanded his abilities. The fight against Kaido was not only a catalyst for the awakening of his Devil Fruit, but also for the improvement of his Conqueror Haki. Luffy is one of the rare individuals capable of using all three types of Haki: with Observation Haki, he briefly foresees the future; Busoshoku Haki allows him to destroy objects internally; and Conqueror’s Haki, with which he overcomes almost impenetrable defenses.

4. Kuzan

One of Blackbeard’s Ten Titanic Captains

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After his defeat against Sakazuki at Punk Hazard, Kuzan abandoned the Marines, likely due to his reluctance to work under Sakazuki. Possessor of the Hie Hie no Mi, a Logia-type Devil Fruit, Kuzan demonstrated his power by controlling ice, as seen in the Marineford arc, where he saved countless marines. His skill in Haki, particularly Busoshoku Haki, was evident in the fight against Sakazuki, whose elemental advantage could only be counterbalanced by extremely powerful Haki.

3. Sakazuki

The supreme authority within the Marines

Check Out The 6 Strongest Haki Users In The Final Saga Of One Piece One Piece The Navy Admirals Power Against Yonko

Sakazuki, currently the Marine Fleet Admiral, emerged as a central figure in the Marineford arc, where he played a crucial role in the execution of Portgas D. Ace. Embodying Absolute Justice, Sakazuki is merciless in his quest to eradicate criminals, without considering the nature of the crime. His approach is ruthless and devoid of mercy.

Bearer of the Magu Magu no Mi, a Logia-type Devil Fruit, he commands magma with great destructive power. Sakazuki’s Haki is formidable, evidenced by his ability to easily face attacks from Marco and Vista, two prominent pirates from Marineford. His Haki is, without a doubt, at a level well above the ordinary.

2. Monkey D. Garp

Marine Corps Hero

Check Out The 6 Strongest Haki Users In The Final Saga Of One Piece 1707027759 58 Check Out The 6 Strongest Haki Users In The Final.webp

Monkey D. Garp is a living legend among the Marines, known as the organization’s greatest hero. His career was marked by notable events, notably the God Valley Incident, where, alongside Roger, he defeated Rocks D. Xebec and his crew. Garp is one of the few in “One Piece” who, without possessing a Devil Fruit, displays extraordinary strength.

He masters all three types of Haki and has demonstrated his colossal power in confrontations, such as against the Blackbeard Pirates in Hachinosu. His punches, infused with Haki, have enough force to destroy mountains and even Don Chinjao’s drill-shaped head. His ability to fight on equal terms with Gol D. Roger is attributed to his impressive Haki.

1. Shanks

The strongest pirate in the world

Check Out The 6 Strongest Haki Users In The Final Saga Of One Piece 1706965552 997 One Piece Check Out The 7 Strongest Characters In The.webp

Shanks, one of the Yonkou, is recognized as one of the most powerful pirates in “One Piece”. Without Devil Fruit powers, Shanks dedicated himself entirely to improving his Haki, mastering the three existing types. His Conqueror’s Haki is possibly the strongest in the series; With a simple explosion, he managed to intimidate Admiral Ryokugyu, forcing his retreat from Wano.

Shanks uses his Conqueror’s Haki to neutralize abilities such as Future Vision, preventing opponents from anticipating his movements. Furthermore, his ability to predict future attacks and exceptional control over other types of Haki, including Busoshoku, reinforce the idea that Shanks is an extraordinary Haki user.

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