Check out the best-selling anime franchises of 2023

Check Out The Best-Selling Anime Franchises Of 2023 One Piece Egghead Arc Anime Epis 1.Webp

The anime industry is experiencing a period of exponential growth, driven primarily by increased global access through streaming platforms. This growth is accompanied by a renewed interest in anime and manga productions, especially those that stand out in Japan. However, this expansion phase is not free from challenges, such as the persistent salary issues faced by workers in the sector.

Oricon’s Role in Market Valuation

Oricon, a leading sales tracking authority in Japan, plays a crucial role in evaluating the anime and manga market. Annually, Oricon publishes a list of the most profitable franchises, based on local sales data. While this analysis does not include some digital sales and international impact, it offers valuable insight into the trends and preferences of the Japanese public.

One Piece vs Blue Lock: A Fierce Competition

One Piece Domain

Classification and Title Sales Sales in Reais
1 – One Piece 6,389,670,438 R$ 234,186,788.88
2 – Blue Lock 6,170,897,392 R$ 226,168,572.97
3 – Jujutsu Kaisen 4,942,790,902 R$ 181,157,438.50
4 – Oshi no Ko 4,902,131,189 R$ 179,667,225.87
5 – Slam Dunk 4,215,282,791 R$ 154,493,655.13
6 – My Happy Marriage 3,765,010,408 R$ 137,990,794.06
7 – Bocchi the Rock! 3,756,661,177 R$ 137,684,787.73
8 – Love Live 3,037,639,023 R$ 111,332,021.81
9 – SPY x FAMILY 2,948,745,096 R$ 108,073,984.71
10 – Kingdom 2,639,342,303 R$ 96,734,112.45
11 – Chainsaw Man 2,505,861,028 R$ 91,841,911.60
12 – The Apothecary Diaries 2,478,314,937 R$ 90,832,324.23
13 – That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime 2,473,843,674 R$ 90,668,448.68
14 – Tokyo Revengers 2,424,635,394 R$ 88,864,923.88
15 – Detective Conan 2,290,180,810 R$ 83,937,050.44
16 – Pokemon 2,289,660,220 R$ 83,917,970.38
17 – Mobile Suit Gundam 2,157,290,876 R$ 79,066,522.73
18 – THE IDOLM@STER series 2,141,571,297 BRL 78,490,386.95
19 – Chikawa Something Small and Cute 2,084,148,100 R$ 76,385,778.55
20 – My Hero Academia 2,065,950,903 BRL 75,718,835.99
21 – Neon Genesis Evangelion 1,916,174,627 R$ 70,229,409.67
22 – Kimetsu no Yaiba 1,763,430,680 R$ 64,631,215.70
23 – Hold my hand at Twilight (J-Drama) 1,762,842,924 R$ 64,609,673.95
24 – However, There Is Passion! (J-Drama) 1,718,199,560 R$ 62,973,457.16
25 – Touken Ranbu 1,692,109,204 R$ 62,017,223.70
26 – Sousou no Frieren 1,675,156,793 R$ 61,395,903.60
27 – Trillion Game 1,664,425,828 R$ 61,002,604.71
28 – silent 1,662,058,090 R$ 60,915,825.13
29 – IDOLiSH7 1,501,487,957 R$ 55,030,794.87
30 – The Black Swindler 1,491,376,908 R$ 54,660,216.43

In 2023, “One Piece” stood out as the most profitable franchise, reaching an impressive 6.3 billion yen in sales. This success is not only a testament to the anime’s enduring popularity, but also reflects the series’ ability to remain relevant and appealing to audiences.

Blue Lock and Other Contenders

“Blue Lock,” which came in second with 6.1 billion yen, demonstrated significant growth in sales, driven in part by the FIFA World Cup. Other animes such as “Jujutsu Kaisen”, “Oshi no Ko”, and “Slam Dunk” also had notable performances, each capturing fans’ imagination and interest in unique ways.

Cultural Impact and Global Success

The Influence of Anime on Pop Culture

The success of “One Piece” and “Blue Lock,” along with other popular titles, highlights anime’s growing influence on global pop culture. The premiere of the anime “Oshi no Ko”, for example, broke records, and its theme song became an international hit.

Complete List of Best-Selling Franchises

For those interested in exploring more about current trends in the world of anime, Oricon’s full list offers a comprehensive overview. In addition to those already mentioned, titles such as “My Happy Marriage”, “Bocchi the Rock”, “Love Live”, and “Spy x Family” show the diversity and richness of the content available on the market.

Final Reflection

This analysis of current trends in the anime industry reveals not only commercial successes, but also the underlying cultural dynamics that drive the popularity of these works. As “One Piece” continues to reign supreme, the fierce competition and diversity of content suggest a vibrant and exciting future for anime fans around the world.

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