Creator of Delicious in Dungeon is a fan of Western video games

Creator Of Delicious In Dungeon Is A Fan Of Western Video Games Primeiras Impressoes De Dungeon Meshi

The latest edition of the magazine Famitsu surprised everyone and everything because the highlight on the cover was not a game as usual, but Delicious in dungeon (Dungeon Meshi) the exquisite manga work written and illustrated by Ryoko Kuiwhich received an anime series adaptation on Netflix produced by the studioTrigger (Cyberpunk: Edgerunners).

However, there is a solid purpose why a manga/anime work deserves to be highlighted in a video game magazine, everything is due to Ryoko Kui assert herself as an avid gamer of Western games.

During the interview, the artist commented on her passion for productions from this part of the world, especially RPGs. The revelation that the creator of Delicious in Dungeon is a gamer who sparked enthusiasm and surprised everyone on social media in Japan and abroad.

What impressed fans most was the wide variety of games that Kui Have you played. Its extensive list contains games from different eras and genres, it also mentions many indie titles with stories and SRPGs. A fan in X summarized his impressive CV.

The interview with Ryoko Kui also revealed other surprising facts, we really had no idea that this talented and genius creator, besides being a very busy person, was also such a prolific gamer! In addition to lesser-known titles such as Legend of Grimlock also revealed that he played hits such as Disco Elysium.

In addition to the extensive list of titles mentioned in the Famitsualso spoke about his experiences with other media. Delicious in dungeontakes place in a fantasy world centered on dungeon exploration and the influence of Western fantasy can be felt in the plot, characters and artistic style and Kui mentioned that in his work he was inspired by Tolkian elements from the work of O Lord of the Rings and in the books of The Never Ending Story. However, it was only when the serialization of his manga began that he became interested in videogames, stating that he had to read and study rulebooks for Dungeons and Dragons to create the laws of the world he created. However, his biggest focus was RPGs and Dungeon Crawlers with traditional Western fantasy settings. The artist mentions that the classic series of Wizardryand the Dungeon Crawler Legend of Grimlock, Dragon Age It is Baldur’s Gate III These were the games from which he took the most notes.

Over time, he developed a huge passion for Western games, especially RPGs with a top-down perspective, such as Fallout classics and series Divinity Original Sin It is Disco Elysium. However, his first experience with indie games was the immigration control simulator, Papers.

In the interview Ryoko also praised the game localizations because they were the mechanism that allowed him to enjoy Western games with Japanese dialogue, he also praised the costume design of the elven characters in Western fantasy RPGs such as Dragon Age, Divinity: Original Sin, Pathfinder It is Baldur’s Gate 3. In truth, Kui drew an illustration of her favorite elves from these games, which was translated by fans on Reddit and indirectly revealed why Marcille is always changing her look.

Ryoko Kui (Weekly Famitsu) – RPG Elves
byu/Savaralyn inDungeonMeshi

His love of games even influenced the choice of composer for the anime adaptation of Delicious in Dungeonwhich is currently being broadcast on Netflix. Kui he chose Yasunori Mitsuda simply because he loved the JRPG soundtrack Chrono Cross. There really is no doubt about the avid and varied passion of Ryoko Kui for the games and this was broadcast in this interview and impressed his fans, both in Japan and abroad.

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