Creator of Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda will not retire “any time soon”

Creator Of Super Mario And The Legend Of Zelda Will Not Retire “Any Time Soon” Mario Party Superstars Cover 2

Shigeru Miyamotothe legendary creator of the game series Super Mario Bros. It is The Legend of Zelda He is already old and many think that he will soon retire and pass the torch of his creations to other executives at Nintendo.

However, according to an interview with the The Guardian, Shigeru reveals that he has no plans to retire “any time soon” because he loves what he does and doesn’t even see his activities as a job. It also reveals a lot of humility in their intellectual properties and that they were all decisive in becoming what they are today:

More than retiring, I’m thinking about the days I’m here. These days you have to think about things over a five-year period, so I think about who I can pass things on to if something happens. I’m really grateful that there’s so much energy around the things I’ve worked on. These are things that have already been spread around the world… while some were cultivated by others, other people created them and helped them grow, so, in that sense, I don’t feel much ownership over them anymore.

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