Crunchyroll will finally allow you to create multiple profiles

Crunchyroll Will Finally Allow You To Create Multiple Profiles Crunchyroll Multiplos Perfis

Finally the Crunchyroll announced that it will allow you to create multiple profiles on the same account. The update will take place at the end of April and will be available to Crunchyroll Premium subscribers.

In a press release, the product director of Crunchyroll, Kaliel Robertsstated:

Finally. We’ve been listening to viewer requests and our team has been working hard to implement the feature for multiple profiles on Crunchyroll. Once multiple profiles are live later this month, fans will be able to truly curate a Crunchyroll experience that is specific to their tastes.

This feature will allow you to create up to five profiles to share with members of your family, in addition to granting parental control to certain accounts. This will also allow for more personalized recommendations for each user.

Users can choose profile photos from over 30 different anime series, with more being added by Crunchyroll as new anime are released. Multiple profiles from a single account can also watch anime at the same time.

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