Cycling anime video reveals premiere date

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O official site from the anime project Rinkai! released a video revealing that the premiere will take place on April 9, 2024. In the video, you can also hear the opening theme song “Windshifter” by Rico Sasaki.

The animation is by the studio TMS Entertainment in collaboration with Maruga Factory and the direction is by Takaaki Ishiyama (Fairy Musketeers, Sakura Wars). While the script is in charge of Hideki Shirane (Date A Live, Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?) and character design by Hiromi Ono (main animator of InuYasha, Saber Marionette J).

Ryō Tanaka will be the sound director, while Niki Higaki will serve as art director. Haruko Nobori will be the color artist and Yūko Kamahara will supervise photography composition. Yuichi Goto will head the CG department and Megumi Uchida will handle editing. Shuichiro Fukuhiro, Yoshihei Ueda and Mana Hirano will compose the music, and musical production will be in charge of Lantis.

The Official Website For The Rinkai! Anime Project  Released A Video Revealing That The Premiere Will Take Place On April 9, 2024.

In the voice cast (seiyuu’s), we have:

A series of mango of the project has already been announced and will be launched on Mango Bang!.

Synopsis of Rinkai!

The story focuses on women’s cycling, which began in Japan shortly after World War II. However, organized competitions ceased after just 15 years and remained inactive for several decades. Then, Rinkai was launched! Call rlive the sport.

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