Demon Lord anime series, Retry! R will debut in 2024

Demon Lord Anime Series, Retry! R Will Debut In 2024 Demon Lord Retry R Anime Visual 2 2

The twitter of the anime adaptation of Demon Lord, Retry! R in addition to this promotional image, it revealed that the premiere will take place in 2024. This is the continuation of Demon Lord, Retry! (Maou-sama, Retry!) Kurone Kanzaki It is Kouji Ogata. With 1.9 million copies in circulation, in July 2019 the work was adapted into a 12-episode anime series.

The animation of Demon Lord, Retry! R It’s from the studio Gekkō (My One-Hit Kill Sister), directed by Kazuomi Koga (direction of Demon Lord episodes, Retry!), the argument is Katsuhiko Takayama (Aldnoah.Zero, Protocol: Rain) and the character design is by Minori Homura (Isekai Onsen Paradise).

In the cast we have:

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Synopsis for Demon Lord, Retry! R

The Demon Lord continues his adventure in this renewed series! After encountering the mysterious entity in the lowest level of the Bastille Dungeon, he heads to the Hellion Territory, where the Great Demons vie for dominance of the kingdom. With the addition of a new advisor – the (seemingly) desperate optimist Akane – the Demon Lord’s army becomes even more colorful and his antics even crazier.

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