Discover Goku’s most powerful technique today

Discover Goku'S Most Powerful Technique Today Goku New Ultra Instinct Form.webp

Hey, anime guys! Let’s talk about something cool that happened in the Dragon Ball Super universe. You remember Ultra Instinct, right? That cool transformation that Goku used against Jiren? So, it looks like Goku has upgraded this technique and is now stronger than ever!

Dragon Ball Super is bringing some really cool new features, leaving aside the classic Super Saiyan transformations from Dragon Ball Z. Now, the focus is more on things like Goku’s Ultra Instinct and Vegeta’s Ultra Ego, which are powers very unique divine. In the fight against Gas, who was like the strongest guy in the universe, Goku and Vegeta had to overcome each other again. And Goku seems to have hit the jackpot with a new version of Ultra Instinct.

For those who don’t remember, Whis, who is an angel, taught Ultra Instinct to Goku. This technique lets the body move on its own, without needing to think or feel anything. It’s a very divine stop, which theoretically makes the user invincible.

Goku even reached this form during the fight with Jiren, but then he had difficulty controlling the situation. Even with Perfected Ultra Instinct, he couldn’t maintain his form for long. Then, in the fight against Gas, both Ultra Instinct and Vegeta’s Ultra Ego didn’t seem to do the job.

But then, in chapter 85 of Dragon Ball Super, Goku discovered that he couldn’t use Ultra Instinct like angels, who need complete tranquility. He realized that his emotions could be a source of strength, and then he managed to beat Gas.

This new version of Ultra Instinct is the opposite of what the original technique represented. Before, the thing was to stay zen, with an empty mind. Now, Goku’s emotions are what give him strength. This had already given a clue in the fight against Granolah, when Goku lost his precision due to being confused.

But and now? What’s next for Goku? Since he used this new form, it hasn’t happened again in the manga, which is more focused on the people from Earth and the story of the film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. And Frieza, always him, appeared with a new power-up, Black Frieza. Goku will have to do well in this new form to face Frieza or maybe even discover something new.

The Dragon Ball series always surprises us with Goku pushing limits and discovering new forms. And with all this parade of gods and angels in Dragon Ball Super, there’s no shortage of inspiration for it to go further. Who knows, maybe Ultra Instinct will have more surprises for us? It could be that this calm mind thing is just the beginning, and each person develops their power in their own way, like Vegeta’s Ultra Ego.

In short, Goku’s new Ultra Instinct appears to be the craziest form he’s ever achieved in the entire history of Dragon Ball. And we’re here, just waiting to see what’s next!

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