Discussion of Jujutsu Kaisen 254: Kusakabe Challenges Sukuna!

Pembahasan Jujutsu Kaisen 254: Kusakabe Menantang Sukuna!

The situation of the wizards in Jujutsu Kaisen starting to walk towards the brink of defeat because many elite fighters fell, including Yuji and Yuta. Like it or not, Kusakabe, who would normally run away, now has to fight for the safety of his colleagues.

Can he put up any meaningful resistance to Sukuna? Here’s the discussion!

1. Kusakabe releases the Evening Moon Sword Iai technique

Discussion Of Jujutsu Kaisen 254: Kusakabe Challenges Sukuna!Kusakabe uses his sword technique (Doc. Shueisha / Jujutsu Kaisen)

Knowing that now he couldn’t run anymore, Kusakabe used all his skills to fight the curse king.

He uses his technique called Evening Moon Sword Iai. This surprised Sukuna because he did not expect that an enemy would dare to use a sword technique on him that released a series of slashes.

Kusakabe’s goal in using the technique itself is not for offensive attacks, but for defense because he added his own program that can repel all kinds of incoming attacks.

And sure enough, Kusakabe managed to survive Sukuna’s series of attacks.

2. A follow-up moment about the opinions of Kusakabe’s colleagues

Discussion Of Jujutsu Kaisen 254: Kusakabe Challenges Sukuna!Kusakabe’s colleagues (Doc. Shueisha / Jujutsu Kaisen)

The past moments where the magicians were asked about Kusakabe still continued.

From Nanami’s statement, we know that Kusakabe is a skilled swordsman and is good at using barrier techniques with a variety of tricks.

However, the man’s greatest asset was his analytical and strategic abilities thanks to his extensive knowledge of curses.

Mei Mei said that Kusakabe was the type of versatile person who would be needed in a remote place.

Gojo even praised Kusakabe’s mastery of the barrier technique because he was able to use Simple Domain on a large scale without needing a binding oath.

The magicians themselves agree that the reason why Kusakabe is worth recommending is not only his strength but also his integrity. In other words, he is often considered a kind-hearted figure.

3. Kusakabe manages to injure Sukuna!

Discussion Of Jujutsu Kaisen 254: Kusakabe Challenges Sukuna!Sukuna was hit by Kusakabe’s slash (Doc. Shueisha / Jujutsu Kaisen)

During the battle, Kusakabe released Simple Domain on a wide scale.

As a result, as soon as Sukuna entered the area, his body immediately suffered a series of slashes from Kusakabe’s sword.

However, Kusakabe’s sword broke in the middle of the attack. Meanwhile, Sukuna himself was immediately able to recover with a reversal curse.

4. Kusakabe is on the list of Sukuna’s defeated challengers

Discussion Of Jujutsu Kaisen 254: Kusakabe Challenges Sukuna!Kusakabe collapsed due to Sukuna’s slash (Doc. Shueisha / Jujutsu Kaisen)

Even though his sword was damaged, Kusakabe continued to attack with his bare hands. In his mind, he chose to risk his life because he was worried about the safety of Miwa and the others.

The two of them exchanged attacks several times until Kusakabe used his sword again and activated the Hazy Moon technique.

The Hazy Moon technique itself allows Kusakabe to form the tip of the blade on the broken part of his sword with his cursed energy.

However, when he tried to attack Sukuna’s heart, the curse king managed to catch him and then gave the magician a cross slash.

As a result, Kusakabe followed Maki on the list of challengers for Sukuna who had fallen.

5. Miguel appears to save Ui Ui

Discussion Of Jujutsu Kaisen 254: Kusakabe Challenges Sukuna!Miguel appears (Doc. Shueisha / Jujutsu Kaisen)

As usual, Ui Ui appeared as soon as a wizard fell. Sukuna, who had memorized the movement patterns of the magicians, immediately confronted the boy.

However, when Sukuna attacked Ui Ui, the boy suddenly disappeared from his sight.

At that moment, Miguel was seen carrying Ui Ui standing on top of the building. He managed to save the boy in time before Sukuna’s slash cut Mei Mei’s sister’s body.

That is the discussion of the situation of Sukuna and Kusakabe’s fight which ended with the arrival of Miguel.

What do you think?

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