Dragon Ball: Bardock’s Story and How It Changed

Dragon Ball: Bardock'S Story And How It Changed Bardock Dragon Ball Z And Dragon.webp

In “Dragon Ball Super: The Broly Movie”, Bardock’s story is retold, with significant changes to integrate Broly’s story into the series’ canon. Unlike the original version, Bardock and his colleague Leek are summoned back to Planet Vegeta, where Bardock suspects Frieza’s intentions. Worried about his son’s future, he makes the crucial decision to send Kakarot (Goku) to Earth in an attempt to save him from imminent danger.

The Fate of the Saiyans

Frieza’s genocide of the Saiyans remains a central event, but with added nuances. Bardock and King Vegeta try, unsuccessfully, to oppose Frieza. This narrative is more in line with the original story, but with an emphasis on Bardock’s perception and action in relation to his son.

The narrative expands with the inclusion of events on Planeta Cereal. Bardock, in sparing the lives of a young Cerelian and his mother, demonstrates unexpected kindness for a Saiyan, a contrast to his previous image of a merciless warrior. This act of mercy, although it results in the death of the Cerelian mother, signals a nobler aspect of Bardock’s character.

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During the Granolah Saga, Goku faces the Cerelian survivor, Granolah, and discovers his father’s benevolence. The discovery via Bardock’s scouter, which contains recordings of their fight, brings back Goku’s memories of his father, adding depth to his understanding of his origins.

Contrast with the Original Story

In the original version, Bardock was a warrior focused solely on combat, whose transformation begins with the curse of the last Kanassan. He begins to realize the value of his son and the impact of his actions. In “Dragon Ball Super”, however, Bardock is already portrayed as a character with nobility and compassion, evident in his actions on Planet Cereal.

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Bardock’s relationship with his wife Gine is highlighted, showing him as a Saiyan who values ​​personal connections. His final act against Frieza is driven not just by revenge, but by the desire to protect a future in which his son will play a role.

“Dragon Ball Super” Bardock contributes to a deeper understanding of Goku, emphasizing kindness as an innate characteristic. This new perspective not only enriches Goku’s narrative, but also opens up the franchise to explore different realities and character depths, reinforcing the importance of family ties and the complexity of the heroes and villains in the series.

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