Dragon Ball finally reveals Bulma’s mother’s secret name

Dragon Ball Finally Reveals Bulma'S Mother'S Secret Name Dbz Bulma Mae.webp

So, you think you know everything about Dragon Ball? Get ready for a curiosity that will rock the world of fans: the name of Bulma’s mother, a secret kept under lock and key for more than three decades, has finally been revealed. And no, it’s not called “Bikini”, as many thought!

During the 142nd edition of the weekly “Weekly ☆ Character Showcase” column, an incredible fact came to light. Bulma’s mother, always an enigma in the series, is called Panchy. This name, which follows the family’s curious tradition of using names related to underwear, was just an idea of ​​Akira Toriyama, who never officially named it in the manga. English-speaking fans even called her “Bikini”, inspired by the English version of the game Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

Eccentricity in Character Names

Now, let’s take a look at this unique family. Bulma, whose name is inspired by “bloomers”. Her father, Dr. Brief, has a name that is self-explanatory, while her older sister goes by Tights. Bulma also didn’t stay behind when it came to naming her children, Trunks and Bulla (which refers to “bra”, bra in English). The next character to be highlighted on the official website promises to follow this unique style, bringing more surprises and peculiarities.

Panchy first appeared in 1986, in Chapter 69 of Dragon Ball. The series has a history of reimagining its characters, such as the reintroduction of Broly in Dragon Ball Super: Broly and the possible reintroduction of Turles, introduced in the 1990 film Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might.

The news for Dragon Ball aficionados doesn’t stop there. Dragon Ball Battle Hour 2024 revealed details about Daima, the most recent episode of the anime.

So what do you think of these twists and revelations in Dragon Ball? The series’ universe continues to surprise and expand, keeping fans always anticipating what will come next.

The Dragon Ball anime is available in full on Crunchyroll.

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