Dragon Ball Super: After all, what is Ultra Instinct’s weakness?

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Dragon Ball Super, although it faced mixed reviews, brought with it a new feature that captivated fans: the Ultra Instinct transformation. Unlike the series’ traditional power-ups, which generally focus on brute strength gains, Ultra Instinct is a more refined approach.

This technique is not only based on increasing physical power, but on mental serenity and movement ability. Ultra Instinct offers Goku a new path to personal growth and perfecting his abilities.

Since its introduction in the Tournament of Power, Ultra Instinct has proven itself to be a valuable tool, but not without its limitations and challenges. Here, we’ll dive into the nuances of this technique and explore both its strengths and weaknesses.

The Duality of Ultra Instinct: Power and Limitation

The Impact and Challenges of Transformation

Ultra Instinct is one of the most impactful transformations in Dragon Ball Super, however, its greatness comes with significant challenges. Firstly, using this technique puts considerable pressure on the user’s body, especially if it is not completely mastered. This results in limited control, which becomes evident in critical situations.

Additionally, the unpredictable nature of Ultra Instinct – the fact that it cannot be activated at will – adds an element of uncertainty. In confrontations where life is at stake, this unpredictability can be a decisive factor.

Another critical aspect of Ultra Instinct is the need for mental tranquility. Transformation demands a state of total calm, becoming less effective under stress or emotional turmoil. This requirement imposes an additional challenge, especially in intense combat situations.

The introduction of Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Super isn’t just an addition to Goku’s repertoire; It’s a reinvention of the character. With this new ability, Goku is faced with unprecedented challenges and opportunities for growth. The quest to master Ultra Instinct resulted in training arcs that significantly expanded the character, leading him to explore new aspects of his abilities and motivations.

The technique also opened up ways to explore deeper elements of the Dragon Ball universe, such as the concept of God Ki and the combat abilities of Angels. This expansion enriched the series’ lore, adding layers of complexity and depth to its mythos.

Final considerations

In summary, Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Super presents a unique set of weaknesses, such as its demanding physical impact and the need for a calm mental state for it to function effectively.

Counterbalancing these weaknesses, the technique offers a significant improvement in movement ability and the ability to anticipate enemy attacks, without necessarily increasing the user’s power levels. Through Ultra Instinct, Dragon Ball Super managed to not only reinvent its main character, but also enrich its universe with new perspectives and challenges.

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