Dragon Ball Super’s Moro Arc Will Break the Internet

Dragon Ball Super'S Moro Arc Will Break The Internet Moro Arc.webp

Ah, so you want to know about the triumphant return of “Dragon Ball Super” after that break in 2018, right? Well, let’s go! Remember when the Tournament of Power ended and people were anxious for more from the series? Well, then came the film “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” in December 2018, which was a real feast for the eyes. This film was awesome, it brought Broly into the official canon and had some jaw-dropping visuals.

But the cool thing is that it didn’t stop there. The manga picked up the baton and continued the story with Moro’s arc, which is something out of this world. Basically, after all the confusion with Broly, the Galactic Patrol gives a recap and we discover that Goku, unintentionally, freed Moro, an ancient villain who had been sealed away for millions of years. And Moro is a sinister guy, a humanoid goat monster that sucks the life force of others, leaving him younger and more powerful.

The guy is like Kid Buu, but with a more evil vibe like Sukuna from “Jujutsu Kaisen”. He is manipulative and is always one step ahead of our heroes. And the crazy thing is that he has the ability to absorb energy, which he uses to become stronger and even copy other people’s abilities, like Goku’s Ultra Instinct.

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Now, speaking of Goku and Vegeta, this arc pays special attention to them. Normally, it’s Goku who saves the day, but here Vegeta also shines. He learns a new technique on Planet Yardrat that is the opposite of Fusion, called Forced Spiritual Fission, which is perfect for dealing with Moro.

The final fight against Moro is epic. When Vegeta’s technique is no longer enough, they have to join forces. Goku uses a new move, the ‘Spirit Avatar’, a gigantic form made of energy. It’s a chilling scene. In the end, they manage to defeat Moro and bring peace to Earth again.

But then, right, the “Dragon Ball” universe never stops. The end of the arc leaves a hook for the next story, with the arrival of Granolah and the beginning of Granolah The Survivor Arc. So, what do you think? This phase of “Dragon Ball Super” is truly something out of this world!

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