Dragon Ball Theme Park Coming to Saudi Arabia!

Taman Hiburan Tema Dragon Ball Akan Hadir Di Arab Saudi!

Dragon Ball is a phenomenon in itself and a legendary manga and anime series written by the late Akira Toriyama.

Of course, the sensation of its popularity in the world is so big, that there will be theme amusement parks Dragon Ball in Saudi Arabia!

1. The Dragon Ball theme park will have more than 30 Dragon Ball themed attractions, including hotels and accommodations!

Dragon Ball Theme Park Coming To Saudi Arabia!Qiddiya

What will a thematic playground look like? Dragon Ball who is present in Saudi Arabia?

It is planned that there will be more than 30 themed attractions Dragon Ball In this playground, of course there is also a hotel in it and various accommodations, which of course have a theme Dragon Ball Also.

One of the main attractions is the 70 meter high roller coaster which has a Shenron dragon theme.

2. The park will be built in Qiddiya, an entertainment area in Saudi Arabia

Dragon Ball Theme Park Coming To Saudi Arabia!Qiddiya

Indeed, the park will be built in Saudi Arabia, but where is the specific location?

Themed amusement park Dragon Ball This will be present at Qiddiya in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia which is planned as an amusement and tourist park area in Saudi Arabia.

In the future, the entertainment will be more diverse because there will also be a theme amusement park Dragon Ball.

3. There is no information yet on when the Dragon Ball park project will open to the public

Dragon Ball Theme Park Coming To Saudi Arabia!Qiddiya and Toei Animation

Qiddiya Managing Director, Abdullah bin Nasser Aldawood was present press conference in Tokyo for a collaboration with Toei Animation.

According to him, there are a lot of anime fans in Saudi Arabia, including 40% of them watching Dragon Ballbecause it’s an amusement park Dragon Ball will be made in Qiddiya.

However, when this article was released, it was not yet known when the amusement park project would take place Dragon Ball this is open to the public.

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