Dragon Ball: What is Orange Piccolo?

Dragon Ball: What Is Orange Piccolo? Piccolo Laranja.webp

Ah, Dragon Ball fans, always waiting for something new and exciting, right? This time, the surprise came with the film “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”. People were waiting for a new season of “Dragon Ball Super“, but what came was this film, which ended up being a pleasant surprise. It’s also cool that it follows the canonical line, just like “Dragon Ball Super: Broly”, and brought back the Red Ribbon Army, those annoying guys from Goku’s childhood days.

The film not only did well in terms of animation and plot, but also made some interesting changes to the Z gang. Remember Gohan, who had been kind of left aside in “Dragon Ball Z”? Well, he got a transformation that was highly anticipated by fans, the “Beast Gohan”, which was a huge novelty in “DBS: Super Hero”. And the person responsible for this was none other than Piccolo, an almost fatherly figure for Gohan.

But Gohan wasn’t the only one to receive an upgrade. Piccolo also gained a new and powerful form to face Cell Max, a turbocharged and dangerous version of Cell. Akira Toriyama, the creator of the series, took great care in these new transformations.

Piccolo and the Challenge of Cell Max

Shenron in the Game

Meanwhile, Goku and Vegeta were busy training with Broly on Beerus’ planet. So, it was up to Piccolo to hold the line on Earth. And it was precisely Piccolo who discovered the return of the Red Ribbon Army and their evil plans, including the resurrection of Cell. This made Piccolo very worried, even more so because Goku and Vegeta were out of reach and even Whis was not available.

Without many options, Piccolo appealed to Shenron and asked for a new form, which ended up being “Orange Piccolo”. And as the name suggests, it turns orange, different from its usual green color. And so, the film brought all these new things, exciting the crowd that faithfully follows the adventures of this “Dragon Ball” universe.

Piccolo’s Necessary Transformation

A Crucial Moment in Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball: What Is Orange Piccolo? 1706822184 370 Dragon Ball What Is Orange Piccolo.webp

When we think about the evolution of the characters in “Dragon Ball”, the leap in power has always been a central theme. In the beginning, in the original “Dragon Ball”, everyone had a chance to shine. Humans, Saiyans, Namekians, everyone was more or less on the same level. But over time, this parity was lost, especially with the Saiyans gaining more and more prominence and transformations. Characters like Yamcha, Krillin and Piccolo himself, who previously walked side by side with Goku and Vegeta, began to fall behind.

Remembering Piccolo from the beginning, when he was known as Demon King Piccolo, makes you feel nostalgic. He was a respectable villain, and Goku had to work hard to defeat him. However, throughout the “Dragon Ball Z” and “Dragon Ball Super” series, Piccolo became a bit lacking in terms of strength, which greatly disappointed fans.

And then came “DBS: Super Hero”, bringing a power upgrade that fans were asking for, at least for Piccolo. Fans are still hoping that other Z fighters, such as Krillin, Tien Shinhan and Yamcha, will also receive a power boost so they can face the villains on equal terms.

Piccolo’s New Form: Orange Piccolo

A New Level of Power

In his new form, the Orange Piccolo, he has an impressive upgrade. He grew taller, stronger, with red pupils and orange skin. And this transformation made a huge difference. Gamma 2, which previously had an advantage, was no longer able to keep pace. Piccolo even managed to go head to head with Cell Max, although he was defeated after a while.

It was really cool to see Piccolo gaining the recognition and strength he deserves. And, of course, we’re here rooting for this not to be the only power update in the history of “Dragon Ball”. Who knows what’s next for the other Z Warriors, right? They deserve to have their moment to shine, too.

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