Dragon Ball: Who is Jiren?

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So, Jiren, also known as Jiren the Gray, is the most powerful guy in the Pride Troopers. Just imagine, this group of heroes is led by the god of destruction Belmond, from Universe 11. And Jiren is not just another member of the team, no. He’s like a mortal with almost divine powers. The guy is so strong that he even surpassed the god of destruction in his universe. Look, he has an imposing presence, he’s all muscular and he has such a sense of justice. Jiren follows a very strict moral code, but he has a secret desire that could make him even break these rules.

Tragedy and Strength

Jiren’s life wasn’t easy. When he was little, an unknown demon killed his parents. He was saved by his future master, Gicchin, and trained with him to become strong. But the tragedy didn’t stop there: Gicchin and other students died fighting this demon. Jiren’s friends gave up on avenging their deaths, and this made Jiren close himself off from others. For him, strength was everything, because it meant justice. After a while, Belmond became interested in his strength and Gicchin convinced Jiren to join the Pride Troopers. And then, he just got stronger.

Jiren, the Invincible Warrior

A Unique Fighting Style

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Seeing Jiren fight is awesome, even more so when he faces someone on Goku’s level. He was weak as a child, but he trained so much that he became absurdly strong. The guy has a presence that impresses everyone. He prefers defense, waiting for his opponents to attack with everything. And even in the midst of chaos, he stays super calm, which is a big advantage. His attacks are simple, but super powerful. He uses Ki blasts, energy punches, invisible eye blasts… it’s quite an arsenal! And his instinct is sharp, he understands things quickly.

Jiren’s Uncertain Future

In the world of Dragon Ball Super, Jiren’s future is still a bit hazy. Akira Toriyama launched two new manga sagas, and in the films DBS: Broly and DBS: Super Hero, Jiren appears in flashbacks and conversations. Everyone is dying to see Jiren back, because he will definitely be even stronger. And who doesn’t want to see him face Goku again, or even Broly, right?

Then that’s it. Jiren is a complex character, with a sad story, but who has become one of the most powerful in the Dragon Ball universe. Everyone is excited to see what he will do in the next stories!

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