Dragon Ball – Who is the strongest in the multiverse?

Who is the strongest in the Dragon Ball multiverse, anyway?

What’s up guys! Let’s talk about “Dragon Ball“? Even after 40 years of pure adrenaline, new characters and transformations continue to break barriers.

We always think we’ve reached the limit, but then a new villain comes along, more powerful than everyone else and changes everything again. Let’s take a look at who, aside from the Gods and Angels, is the strongest guy in this crazy universe!

So, let’s see who is the strongest in the Dragon Ball multiverse?

Gohan, the Ultimate Beast

In the last film, Akira Toriyama gave Gohan a monster highlight in his new form, called Beast Gohan. He was amazing in both the film and the manga, destroying Cell Max in just a few hits. His energy is so strong that even Goku and Vegeta felt it there on Beerus’ Planet, which is light years away. But is he really the strongest? Well, for now it’s difficult to nail it, since we haven’t seen everything it can do yet.

Ultra Ego Vegeta, Offensive Power in Talent

When Granolah ended Goku’s Ultra Instinct, everyone was left open-mouthed when Vegeta arrived with his new Ultra Ego form and dominated Granolah for a long time. Even though he was defeated in the end, this form showed brutal attack potential, turning every damage he received into a more powerful counterattack. If Vegeta manages to refine it, he will undoubtedly enter the list of the strongest.

Ultra Instinct Goku, the Martial Master

Goku with his Ultra Instinct has a different vibe. The technique, which is even used by Angels, allows him to dodge attacks automatically, without even thinking. Every time he uses this form, he adapts and improves. Training directly with Whis, he is always surpassing himself. But even with all this power, he still has one that can surpass him.

Black Frieza, the Top of the Tops

Black Frieza arrived, destroying Gas with a single blow. This guy quickly put Goku and Vegeta to shame, showing that he’s playing in another league. Although we only saw him for a short time, he made it clear that he is the most powerful in the multiverse so far, raising the possibility that he is even stronger than Beerus!

So there you have it, who is the strongest in the Dragon Ball multiverse! So, what do you think? Who is the most powerful of all in the “Dragon Ball” universe? Will anyone ever surpass Black Frieza?

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