Drama arises between VTubers after controversial dismissal

Drama Arises Between Vtubers After Controversial Dismissal Portada Selen 2

In a surprise move, VTubers agency NIJISANJI announced the termination of the contract with one of its talents: “Selen Tatsuki“. However, unlike a standard “graduation,” a term adopted by the industry to refer to the mutual agreement to terminate a contract between a VTuber agency and a VTuber, NIJISANJI made the executive decision to cut ties with Selen due to alleged contract violations and allegations of misleading statements on social media platforms.


“Selen Tatsuki” was removed from NIJISANJI without prior notice, her Twitter account was immediately blocked, and all YouTube videos disappeared from her channel.. This decision by Nijisanji comes after Selen’s announcement on December 28, 2023, that she had been hospitalized, which halted her social media presence. Only now has Selen spoken out about the situation on social media.

Dokibird, another character from the person behind Selen Tatsuki, stated:

  • «For more than a month, [Selen Tatsuki] He couldn’t say or do anything. [Selen Tatsuki] I was in a very dark moment [su] life. [Selen Tatsuki] I didn’t know what was going to happen in the end. [Selen Tatsuki quiere] leave it on mutual terms. [Selen Tatsuki] I knew it would be bad for everyone involved if I went this last possible route.».

Although often seen as a niche form of entertainment, the world of VTubers has exploded on an international scale. Agencies like Hololive Production and NIJISANJI have dominated the market, creating unique and colorful characters to appeal to an audience drawn to these designs and the personalities behind them.

However, with Selen’s termination, there has been a public outcry among fans and other VTubers within the English-speaking realm, criticizing NIJISANJI for his actions on a scale that has not been seen before. Selen is not the first VTuber to be abruptly removed from NIJISANJI’s list due to confusing accusations. In March 2023, the talent agency removed “Zaion LanZa” for copyright infringement, “offensive comments,” and “liking comments that constitute defamation of NIJISANJI members.”

The allegations that led to Zaion and Selen’s termination are not identical, but both incidents speak to how NIJISANJI treats its talent and how the company’s decisions affect the VTuber landscape. The controversy surrounding Selen’s departure appears to have had an impact on the company. As of February 8, ANYCOLOR stock continues to fall, with comments on Yahoo Finance’s page primarily talking about the company’s inability to retain its talent and poor handling of Selen Tatsuki’s termination.


In response to Selen’s termination, several members of NIJISANJI, such as “Enna Alouette”, “Fulgar Ovid”, “Finana Ryugu”, “Kyo Kaneko”, “Uki Violeta” and “Meloco Kyoran”, announced that they would be taking temporary breaks and They would stay away from social networks.

NIJISANJI issued a second statement regarding Selen Tatsuki’s termination, sharing that he is aware that the decision will negligibly affect his finances. This is the first time the agency has gone to such lengths to defend the termination of one of its talents. HYTE, a maker of custom PC cases and accessories, announced that it has canceled its current projects with NIJISANJI, stating that it has chosen to “support many VTuber fans who have stopped supporting the organization.”

Drama Arises Between Vtubers After Controversial Dismissal 1708820264 510 Drama Arises Between Vtubers After Controversial Dismissal

After the termination, details emerged about what happened between Selen Tatsuki and her former agency. It was revealed that she was hospitalized due to mismanagement and a toxic work environment and had planned to part ways with Nijisanji amicably on January 26.

Drama Arises Between Vtubers After Controversial Dismissal 1708820265 670 Drama Arises Between Vtubers After Controversial Dismissal

That did not happen, as Dokibird reported in a statement:

  • «[Selen Tatsuki] I didn’t even know it was going to be announced. [Selen Tatsuki] I did not know the content of the ads before they were published. [Selen Tatsuki] I didn’t know the date or time, and [Selen Tatsuki] She was lucky to be awake when it happened. [Selen Tatsuki] I didn’t know this was the route that was going to be taken. [Selen Tatsuki] He never wanted to drop the statement if the announcement didn’t come out the way it did and [Selen Tatsuki] I was willing to keep that information hidden, since [Selen Tatsuki] I didn’t want the public to know the reason why [Selen Tatsuki] I was in the hospital».

And he added:

  • «[Selen Tatsuki] knows that many people want more details, but [Selen Tatsuki] can’t say more. [Selen Tatsuki] he wrote that statement with his attorney so that he would stay safe and move forward so he could restart his life. Honestly, the reception he has received has been incredibly overwhelming and [Selen Tatsuki] He truly thanks everyone who has supported him through all of this. It means a lot to see so many friends expressing their support and testimonies.».

Source: Otakomu


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