Duel Masters LOST anime announced

Duel Masters Lost Anime Announced Duel Masters Lost Teaser Pv Screenshot

With this promotional image and trailer it was announced that an anime of Duel Masters LOST.

In Duel Masters LOST We follow Win Kirifuda, the protagonist of Duel Masters WIN from 2022. In this scenario, however, 16-year-old Win has lost everything – including his memories. After wandering through a world where he feels he doesn’t belong, he finds himself embroiled in a series of battles to regain the world he wants.

Shotaro Uzawa returns to play Win Kirifuda, with Wataru Hatano back to give voice to Jashin-kun once again. The series is produced by JCSTAFF and will premiere in the Fall 2024 (October-December) anime season.

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