Famous 177013 was deleted from Nhentai

Famous 177013 Was Deleted From Nhentai Famous 177013 Was Deleted From Nhentai

One of the most classic memes on the internet is the number 177013, this number is the code that the manga Metamorphosis was uploaded to the NHentai website but it was deleted.

177013 has been deleted from NHentai

Metamorphosis is ShindoL’s most famous manga and became popular with the code 177013, which is the code that the Nhentai website uses on its website for its mangas, remembering that NHentai is a website that has pirated content.

Famous 177013 Was Deleted From Nhentai 1

Fans noticed that many manga were deleted from the site, based on almost 12,000 galleries were deleted, according to a user of Twitterthe blackout alone that deleted 12,000 galleries yesterday is almost equivalent to the total number of galleries that have been deleted from the site since 9 years.

If you try to access manga page 177013 this is the message you will see:


In that Reddit you can check the list of artists who had their work deleted from Nhentai, websites that host pirated adult manga have been suffering more from requests for content removal in recent times, a publisher is known for always requesting the removal of content that is the Irodori, whose Japanese authors support.

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