Fans angry with the absence of news about Naruto at Jump Festa 2024

Volume 47 De Naruto Pela Devir 2.Jpg

Fans Angry With The Absence Of News About Naruto At Jump Festa 2024 Volume 47 De Naruto Pela Devir 2

At Jump Festa 2024 we had a lot of news, some already expected and others surprising, like the remake of the anime One Piecebut an absence was noticed and the fans are not happy. naruto It completely missed the festivities and it didn’t go unnoticed.

At the beginning of this year, it was expected that naruto start the celebrations of 20th anniversary of the anime after a long wait. In September 2023 a set of new episodes of the anime series should be shown naruto original and these episodes were expected to come from the Studio Pierrot and adapt special stories in honor of the 20th anniversary in naruto. But at the last minute, the team behind naruto announced that the anime specials have been postponed indefinitely.

As you can imagine, many fans expected the Jump Festa 2024 provide an update on the anime’s specials. narutobut unfortunately nothing was revealed at the event. naruto He was therefore unable to make any major announcements and this left fans both worried and disappointed.

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