Fans Are Dropping Oshi no Ko After Chapter 143

Fans Are Dropping Oshi No Ko After Chapter 143 Fans Are Dropping Oshi No Ko After Chapter 143.Webp

This post has spoilers for the Oshi no Ko manga, read on your own.

Every Wednesday (when there are no breaks), a new chapter of Oshi no Ko comes out, and today we had the release of chapter 143 of the manga, this chapter is just a long conversation between Aqua and Ruby.

At this point in the manga, Ruby and Aqua already know about their past lives, Ruby knows that Aqua was her doctor and a few chapters ago it was revealed that Aqua always knew that Ruby was Sarina.

Anyway, what exactly happened in the chapter? Ruby started to tease Aqua until she finally kissed him, when Ruby was still Serina she fell in love with Aqua (who at the time was Gojo the doctor) and she has said several times that she is 18 years old.

And then with hesitation she kissed him, making Oshi no Ko’s incest even stronger.

Fans Are Dropping Oshi No Ko After Chapter 143

What happens, a movie about Ai’s life is being made and Ruby is playing the role of Ai (her mother), while Aqua is playing the role of Kamiki (their father), and they will have to kiss because there will be a kiss scene.

Fans Are Dropping Oshi no Ko After Chapter 143

In the previous chapter Kana, Memcho and their adoptive mother said that they don’t feel comfortable with this but what can they do, so Ruby took advantage and in addition to confessing to Aqua, she kissed him and well, the public isn’t reacting well.

Let’s see some comments that were published on the MangaPlus website and on Twitter, many people are not taking this Oshi no Ko incest very well stating that they are dropping Oshi no Ko:

“I can’t wait to be ridiculed by every other fandom for this.”

“Akane, Kana and Taiki please go to another manga, this one doesn’t deserve you.”

“Bro, Ruby doesn’t need a doctor, she needs a damn psychologist.”

“Akasaka, Mengo… I’m done with you.”


“Okay, can we agree that RUBY IS THE PROBLEM HERE?!?!?! SHE IS NOT Okay IN THE HEAD”

“oshi no ko is RUINED”

“this is disgusting, Ai must be heartbroken in heaven”

“starting to regret recommending this to others”

One person on Twitter even made a fanart of Ai no Céu thinking: “I should have aborted them”.

Fans Are Dropping Oshi No Ko After Chapter 143 1

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been disappointed with a series, I hate myself for investing so much time in it”



“You don’t understand. I RECOMMEND THIS TO PEOPLE! I saw it and thought “ah, a murder mystery/revenge plot! My friends might like it.” WHY AAAA”

The way the story is told doesn’t show what Aqua did right after the kiss or what he responded to Ruby’s statement, we only have Ruby’s side.

She declared herself to him, she kissed him by surprise and we don’t know what Aqua did, but a lot of people are very “upset” with the recent development.

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