Fans have expressed their frustration about second seasons of popular anime being slow to premiere

Fans Have Expressed Their Frustration About Second Seasons Of Popular Anime Being Slow To Premiere Lycoris Recoil Screen Trailer

In an interesting debate that has arisen among fervent followers of the anime industry, a peculiar situation was put on the table involving several of the most popular animes of the year 2022. Series like “Bocchi the Rock!”, “Lycoris Recoil” It is “Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru (My Dress-Up Darling)” generated a lot of excitement among fans when its sequels were announced, however, no further details about these projects have been revealed since.

Although the announcement of sequels to such successful productions initially sparked fan enthusiasm, the lack of new updates led to a decline in anticipation over time. Fans have expressed frustration with the lack of information regarding the progress of these sequels, which has led them to question the marketing strategy behind these announcements.

Fans agree that it would perhaps be wiser to announce a sequel as soon as there is significant progress in production, rather than raising expectations without offering concrete details. The tactic of announcing sequels right at the end of an anime, just to maintain fan enthusiasm, is now the target of criticism from the community.

This debate highlights the importance of transparent communication between producers and fans, as well as the need to manage hype intelligently. While anticipation is a key part of the fan experience, a lack of updates can lead to disappointment and decreased interest in future projects:

  • Although Bocchi the Rock! There’s a compilation film confirmed, doesn’t two years seem like a long time to put together something that’s already been produced?
  • A-1 Pictures and CloverWorks have a busy schedule. It doesn’t seem like they are prioritizing these projects.
  • They keep releasing new anime that they are not sure will be popular. It’s normal not to think about second seasons at the moment, but if they take too long they could lose animation or seiyuu teams.
  • If there’s too much time between seasons, eventually people will stop caring.
  • If a sequel wasn’t planned from the beginning, it will be difficult to continue producing the second season at the same pace.
  • It’s normal for anime sequels to take around 3 or 4 years, the current problem is that they announce the sequel too early.
  • I’m only interested in Bocchi the Rock! and Sono Bisque Doll, I honestly don’t care how Lycoris Recoil continues.
  • I’m sure they will announce the second season of Bocchi the Rock! after the success of the films, but how long will it take to do so?
  • The sequel to Sono Bisque Doll has already been announced, so let’s hope for good things this year.
  • Both Sono Bisque Doll and Bocchi the Rock! They have original manga, so people know what’s going to happen next. Prioritize continuation projects for original series like Lycoris Recoil.
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