Fans question why Delicious in Dungeon isn’t more popular

Fans Question Why Delicious In Dungeon Isn'T More Popular Primeiras Impressoes De Dungeon Meshi 02

The anime series adaptation of the manga Meshi Dungeon (Delicious in Dungeon) by Ryoko Kui was well received by fans, however, in Japan they are discussing why the anime series is not more popular, mainly coming from a studio known for making high profile anime.

The surprise and confusion among fans intensifies when considering the studio’s track record Triggerwhich includes hits like “Kill la Kill” It is “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners”, which captivated audiences around the world. The studio’s choice to adapt “Dungeon Meshi” initially generated great enthusiasm among fans, who expected high-quality animation and a faithful interpretation of the original material.

However, although the anime adaptation maintained the expected quality and was faithful to the original content of the work, Japanese fans consider that its popularity has not completely taken off. Many theories have emerged in this regard, such as the fact that the exclusivity of Netflix It may have prevented more viewers from learning about the project, or that the original manga began to be published more than ten years ago, when trends were completely different from today.

  • The original work explored food manga themes, which were popular ten years ago, but are no longer trending now that it has been adapted into anime.
  • I really like the story, but I don’t think it’s to everyone’s taste.
  • If it had been released at the same time as other stories of the genre like Isekai Shokudou, perhaps it would have been more successful.
  • This is definitely my favorite anime this season.
  • It was interesting and I bought and read the original manga before the anime ended.
  • Simply because the beginning is boring, extremely boring.
  • I’ve seen up to episode 6 and it’s simply boring.
  • I think that being broadcast at the same time as Sousou no Frieren was the mistake that many productions made
  • I’m waiting to see, but I can’t see at all.
  • It’s like a prequel so far, and now the main story finally begins.
  • I think we will know it as the “Solo Leveling effect”, a work that takes a long time to adapt and arrives when other similar stories have already attracted attention
  • I’m surprised it’s not more popular. I don’t think you see such careful story and characterization very often.
  • I stopped after about 3 episodes. I like anime that are neither boring nor interesting.
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