Find out what can happen in chapter 1105 of One Piece

Find Out What Can Happen In Chapter 1105 Of One Piece One Piece 1105.Webp

“One Piece” followers are showing palpable enthusiasm for the upcoming chapter 1105, especially after a considerable hiatus. The previous chapter brought surprises in the Egghead Island arc, with exciting events unfolding after Kuma’s arrival on the island. The development of these events suggests a significant warming of the plot.

The stage is set for a possible climax of the Egghead Island arc, creating expectations for an impressive outcome. There is particular anxiety to see how the author, Eiichiro Oda, will handle the so-called “Egghead Incident,” a plot element that has been hinted at for over a year.

Crucial Plot Changes

The Beginning of Buster Call in Egghead

At the end of the previous chapter, the narrative takes an unexpected turn with the invocation of a Buster Call on Egghead Island. This move represents a drastic change in the World Government’s strategy. Before, there was a focus on protecting York and the mother flame plant. However, now, it appears that the priority has changed, likely due to Saturn’s realization that an extreme effort is needed to stop the Straw Hat Crew.

Buster Call’s Unprecedented Scale

This specific Buster Call is described as being unprecedented in its scale. In contrast to the typical Buster Call, which involves 10 battleships and five vice admirals, this one features 100 ships, including 20 giant battleships. Additionally, nine vice admirals are present, along with an admiral and a member of the Five Elders. This expanded scale raises expectations for chapter 1105, promising to be one of the most intense and significant in the history of “One Piece”.

Saturn and Kizaru’s Decisive Confrontation

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Chapter 1105 of “One Piece” promises to be one of the most electrifying yet, with Saturn and Kizaru prepared for a direct confrontation against the Straw Hat Crew and others on Egghead Island. Despite the invocation of a Buster Call on the island, these two key characters will not be content with just observing from afar. They will actively engage in combat, with critical missions such as assassinating Vegapunk, as well as facing off against Kuma and Luffy.

Saturn and Kizaru’s resistance to attacks is remarkable. Kizaru, with his Logia body, is immune to conventional cannon fire. On the other hand, Saturn displays an almost magical regeneration ability, instantly recovering from any damage. This extraordinary ability allows him to face danger without fear, even in the face of a Buster Call.

Monster Trio’s Crucial Participation

Expected Action from Luffy, Sanji and Zoro

Find Out What Can Happen In Chapter 1105 Of One Piece 1706836900 741 Find Out What Can Happen In Chapter 1105 Of One.webp

Chapter 1105 will also be marked by intense action from the so-called Monster Trio of the Straw Hat Crew – Luffy, Sanji and Zoro. Each of them is involved in significant combat:

These fights are crucial to the climax of the Egghead Island arc and carry high expectations from fans.

Fan Expectations and Anticipation

No Launch Interruptions

“One Piece” readers can breathe a sigh of relief as there will be no pause in publication. Chapter 1105 is scheduled for January 28, 2024, maintaining the fast pace of the Egghead Island arc. With the island now slated for destruction by the World Government, fans can expect exciting and surprising developments.

Availability for Reading

“One Piece” is available through Viz Media, allowing fans to follow the series officially and for free via Shonen Jump and the app Manga Plus. This easy and direct access increases the anticipation and excitement surrounding the imminent release of chapter 1105, promising to be a milestone in the Egghead Island saga.

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