Find out when My Hero Academia will end

Find Out When My Hero Academia Will End My Hero Academia.webp

“My Hero Academia” is at the height of its conclusion, and people are super excited about the final saga of the war. It was quite an adventure, with ups and downs, but it impacted a lot of people. The story, towards the end, still has a lot to go on, and everyone is asking themselves: “when will it end for good?”

The saga of the final war is gigantic! It has been going on for a long time, and the intensity of this war has surpassed all previous ones. The fights were epic, and the characters we learned to love had a worthy outcome. This part of the story highlighted the most incredible and emotional moments, doing justice to our favorite heroes.

Bakugo vs All For One: Triumphal Return

Speaking of heroes, Bakugo came back with a bang after getting hurt in the fight against Shigaraki. He was out of the picture for a while, but returned to save All Might and face All For One. Bakugo showed why he is a candidate for Number One Hero, blasting All For One with style. This fight was an important milestone and paved the way for more excitement in the final stretch.

Deku and Shigaraki: The Final Showdown

Now, the most anticipated fight: Deku against Shigaraki. This battle has already begun and promises to be long and intense. Deku, our protagonist, has everything it takes to become the number one hero, and this confrontation will be decisive. We expect this fight to last several chapters, showing the full potential of this rivalry.

What Comes After War?

After this war, don’t think that the story ends quickly. The author, Horikoshi, wants to give appropriate closure to various characters and relationships. This means that we still have about 10 to 20 chapters to go, exploring these outcomes and possible new paths.

Predictions for the Final

So when will “My Hero Academia” end? We’re looking at about 20 to 30 chapters before the end. This takes us to sometime in 2024. It’s been an incredible journey, but like all good things, it has an end. The idea is to enjoy these last moments of history.

Where to Follow the Latest Chapters?

For those who want to follow along, “My Hero Academia” is available on Viz Media. You can read it officially and for free on Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. Keep an eye out, chapter 412 comes out on January 21, 2024!

So, are you looking forward to the grand finale? My Hero Academia promises to end on a high note, leaving all fans satisfied and excited with the outcome of this epic heroic adventure!

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