Find out who was the strongest Kenpachi in the history of Soul Society in ‘Bleach’

Find Out Who Was The Strongest Kenpachi In The History Of Soul Society In 'Bleach' Soya Azashiro Bleach Sp.webp

The title of “Kenpachi” is reserved for the Seireitei’s most formidable warrior, an honor acquired only after defeating the current bearer in combat, watched by hundreds of the 11th Squad. Zaraki is the eleventh Kenpachi, but the main manga and anime series doesn’t detail much about the predecessors, except in the “Spirits Are Forever With You” novels by Ryohgo Narita. These reveal the story of Sōya Azashiro, the eighth Kenpachi, a character of such immense powers that he has been compared to the infamous criminal Sōsuke Aizen.

Azashiro won his title in a lightning fight against the seventh Kenpachi, Kurayashiki, a legendary warrior who even rejected a position in the prestigious Zero Squad. His victory, however, was met with skepticism by the 11th Squad, as Azashiro won without physically touching his opponent.

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“The Unusual Power and the Fall of Azashiro”

Azashiro, unlike other Shinigami, had a permanently active Bankai, called Urozakuro, which allowed him to merge with and control his environment. This included the ability to mitigate the effects of Aizen’s Kyōka Suigetsu, a rare feat. He overthrew his predecessor through forced fusion, a technique that allowed him to simultaneously connect to multiple realms.

His career is marked by tragedies, including the unfair accusation and extermination of his noble family. Azashiro, the only survivor alongside his sister, manifested his Zanpakutō in an extreme situation, which made him unique and dangerous.

Azashiro’s ability to manipulate everything around him made him such a threat that Central 46 sentenced him to 20,000 years in Muken Prison, the lowest level of the Grand Central Underground Prison, reserved for the most dangerous criminals.

“The Legacy and Weaknesses of Azashiro”

Find Out Who Was The Strongest Kenpachi In The History Of Soul Society In 'Bleach' 1707009465 20 Find Out Who Was The Strongest Kenpachi In The History.webp

Even in prison, Azashiro maintained his connection with Urozakuro and escaped prison due to external circumstances. Surprisingly, his Zanpakutō was never confiscated, as Azashiro did not carry it in a traditional manner.

His Shikai, when activated, concentrates immense power, rivaling even Sōkyoku. However, Azashiro possesses significant weaknesses: vulnerability to absorption techniques and his lack of physical resistance, evidenced when he is injured by a surprisingly weak attack. After being defeated in a final confrontation, Azashiro returns to Muken prison, this time with the intention of better understanding his Zanpakutō.


Find Out Who Was The Strongest Kenpachi In The History Of Soul Society In 'Bleach' 1707009466 434 Find Out Who Was The Strongest Kenpachi In The History.webp

Sōya Azashiro is a complex and powerful character in the “Bleach” narrative. His path from heroism to villainism, marked by unique skills and a tragic story, demonstrates the depth and intricate universe created by Tite Kubo. His Legacy as Kenpachi is both a story of power and downfall, reflecting the multifaceted nature of the series’ characters.

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