Fourth season of content for MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE! is now available

Fourth Season Of Content For My Hero Ultra Rumble! Is Now Available My Hero Ultra Rumble Ps4

A Bandai Namco Entertainment announced that the fourth season of content from MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE! for Playstation 4, Xbox oneIt is PRAÇA (Steam) is now available.

In addition to the professional heroes Mt. Lady and Cementess receiving new Plus Ultra costumes, the vigilante hero, Deku receives his famous “dark” costume that he used in the sixth season of the anime adaptation produced by Studio Bones. Additionally, the new season will also add new “Quirk” sets that allow new gameplay for each of the characters. The villain Shigaraki and the explosive hero Bakugo will be the first with more than a role in the new events and professional licenses in this frenetic “Battle Royale” which will also soon welcome the arrival of the super villain All For One.

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