Free update 1.44 has arrived in Gran Turismo 7

Free Update 1.44 Has Arrived In Gran Turismo 7 Ferrari Vision Gt Em Gran Turismo 7 Screenshot

A Sony Interactive Entertainment and the Polyphony Digital announce that the game Gran Turismo 7 to the Playstation 4 It is PlayStation 5 received the free 1.44 update which contains the following:

  • Three new cars, one of which is the famous Toyota GT-One that won the Le Mans in 1999.
  • Extra menu for coffee no. 37.
  • New events for “World Circuits”.
  • For a limited time, 26 decals will be released that include 8 logos and 18 characters from the anime HIGHSPEED Étoile which will be in the spring season and will be available in the Design Editor preset decals. The availability period will be announced shortly.
  • Fukushima” on Scapes;
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