Gannibal vol. 1 & Butterfly Beast vol. 1 in pre-sale

Gannibal Vol. 1 &Amp; Butterfly Beast Vol. 1 In Pre-Sale Gannibal Vol. 1 Butterfly Beast Vol. 1 Pre Venda Imagem 2

Gannibal Vol.  1 & Butterfly Beast Vol.  1 Pre Sale Image

A The Sect has already started the exclusive pre-sale of two mangas, the 1st volume of the second season of Butterfly Beastand the 1st volume of Gannibal! And to celebrate they have a 20% discount and shipping costs free! You can buy here.

Shipping will only be carried out when the volume is printed. 1 of Butterfly Beast IIin the first days of January (Gannibal is already printed!).

Butterfly Beast, Season II, Vol. 1: 1635. At the beginning of the Edo period, a fragile peace reigns in Japan, after years of feudal wars. Ochō is a courtesan in the Yoshiwara neighborhood of Tokyo, but this profession is nothing more than a disguise. In reality, she is a shinobi, and her mission is to hunt down other shinobi, warriors without a cause or leader, who long for the return of war. In this first volume of the second season, Ochō will not only confront a conspiracy, but she will also learn the tragic story of Toya and her love for the courtesan Shiraito. And who is the mysterious Hikoshiro, a man who could change the course of his life?

Gannibal vol. 1: Since the dawn of Humanity, cannibalism has accompanied us, as an alternative shadow to civilization. And although it seems to have disappeared, many think it is just hidden and forgotten… Daigo Agawa, a city police officer, is posted to Kuge, a village lost in the mountains, where he goes to live with his wife and daughter, in search of a calm life in a welcoming community. But the death of an elderly woman raises doubts about what is really going on, and about the mysterious disappearance of her predecessor in the village.

(valid for orders received until midnight on December 27th, promotional initiative under the legal regime of the book’s fixed price)

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