Ghost Cat Anzu trailer reveals release in July

With this trailer the TOHO announced that the anime film will premiere in theaters in July 2024 Ghost Cat Anzu produced by Shinei Animation (Takagi-san the Master of Teasing, Elegant Yokai Apartment Life, Doraemon) and the French Miyu Productions. Below is a promotional image.

First shown in June 2023 at the Annecy Animation Festival, Mirai Moriyama voices Anzu, while Noa Gotō voices Karin. Furthermore, the two actors also acted as characters in footage that served as a reference for the characters’ animation, and their lines during the filming of their movements were also used in the film.

The direction is Yōko Kuno It is Nobuhiro Yamashita with an argument Shinji Imaoka. The film will be 90 minutes long and use mixed animation techniques combining 2D digital animation with rotoscoping.

Synopsis of Ghost Cat Anzu

Karin, 11 years old, is abandoned by her father at her grandfather’s house, a monk from a small town in the interior of Japan. Her grandfather asks Anzu, his jovial and helpful, although somewhat capricious, ghost cat, to take care of her. The meeting of her strong personalities sparks sparks, at least in the beginning…

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