Good animation vs. good story, which do you prefer?

Good Animation Vs. Good Story, Which Do You Prefer? Dead Dead Demons Dededede Destruction Movie 2 Screenshot

A lively discussion began on forums in Japan where they debate what is preferable, a good animation with a bad story or a good story with a bad animation? This discussion divided the community, with passionate advocates on both sides fervently defending their views.

On the one hand, advocates of good animation argue that high-quality animation can significantly elevate the anime viewing experience. They argue that Well-animated scenes can convey stronger emotions, improve viewer immersion, and make the story more visually appealing, even if the plot is weak. Furthermore, they highlight that impressive animation can capture the viewer’s attention from the first moment and keep them interested throughout the series.

On the other hand, advocates of a good story argue that without a solid plot and well-developed characters, the quality of the animation loses value. They argue that a compelling story can make up for deficiencies in animation and keep viewers engaged and excited, even if the visual quality isn’t exceptional. Furthermore, they point out that a memorable story can leave a lasting impression on viewers long after the anime ends.

This debate between animation and story in anime has surprising parallels with debates in the video game industry, where the importance of gameplay versus graphics is discussed. In both cases, fans must weigh which aspects they value most in their entertainment experience: technical quality or engaging narrative? Of course, the ideal is to have both.

  • I think the content is the most important thing, but when I see series with good animation and others with bad animation, I realize how important this aspect is. If the story is interesting, I’ll watch it even if the animation is terrible, but it rarely becomes popular.
  • Today’s popular anime are the first. Animation is what makes something popular. It’s more about reducing awkwardness than making it interesting. The most popular anime nowadays is the first one, but the story isn’t that interesting. The animation should be so good that it should make you forget how bad the story is.
  • Series that neglect animation and are still interesting are a rarity.
  • Of course it’s the last. A good story is fun, whether it’s good or bad animation.
  • In the end, if the story isn’t interesting, it won’t sell. Unless it’s animation from Kyoto Animation
  • Why do you think people still watch Overlord despite the terrible quality of the animation? Because of the story, which is very good.
  • I stopped watching God Eater and Tales Of after 2 episodes. I can watch interesting anime until the end, even if the animation is rubbish.
  • And which of the two categories would it be for Chainsaw Man?
  • Like Tokyo Revengers?
  • I’ve never met an anime where the story was interesting enough to overshadow the bad animation.
  • There is no interesting anime with bad animation. There are many interesting animes with unique animations.
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