Great Teacher, this is Jiraiya’s 5 Strongest Students!

Guru Yang Hebat, Ini Peringkat 5 Murid Jiraiya Yang Terkuat!

From what is known, Jiraiya has trained 5 characters in the series Naruto.

If you count Boruto and the two team members besides Minato who are not yet known, he has trained 8 people, that’s just what was shown.

Well, since only 5 are known, here is the power ranking of Jiraiya’s students!

5. Yahiko

Great Teacher, This Is Jiraiya'S 5 Strongest Students!Yahiko in Naruto Shippuden. (Doc. Studio Pierrot/Naruto Shippuden)

It’s a shame that Yahiko didn’t live long.

His strength has also not been shown in full and serious condition.

Even so, Yahiko is skilled at using a sword and also uses the water element as his main attack.

4. Konan

Great Teacher, This Is Jiraiya'S 5 Strongest Students!

Having expertise in the field of origami, Jiraiya also trained skills This Konan became his strength.

Konan uses jutsu paper as a weapon and he is one of the strongest Akatsuki members even though he only uses “paper”.

He can turn his body into paper, he can even float without having to make paper wings.

With a large amount of paper, he can shape almost anything, for example when he made a tree for Nagato to hide in.

Several battles proved his strength, such as when he fought Sasori while recruiting players Kugutsu or when he fought Obito and almost killed him.

3. Nagato

Great Teacher, This Is Jiraiya'S 5 Strongest Students!

Given Rinnegan Since childhood, Madara made Nagato naturally strong.

Even so, Jiraiya trained him to be even tougher and Nagato was one of Jiraiya’s students who learned the fastest. All thanks to the power of the eye Rinnegan his.

Nagato is one of the characters who can use his eyes Rinnegan efficiently even though it is consuming chakras Very large. Luckily he was from Uzumaki, who was famous for having chakras a lot.

2. Minato Namikaze

Great Teacher, This Is Jiraiya'S 5 Strongest Students!

To be honest, I myself don’t know what Jiraiya taught Minato other than the contract with the Myoboku frog and Senjutsu. Understandably, their prime is rarely brought up.

Even so, Minato was still one of Jiraiya’s strongest students.

The mainstay technique is Hiraishin no Jutsu which could make him move places quickly and gave birth to the nickname Yellow Lightning from Konoha.

He also became Jinchuriki from Kyubi because it brings half death chakras from Kurama, making his strength increase even more.

Unfortunately ability Senjutsu hers was not as good as her teacher and son.

1. Naruto Uzumaki

Great Teacher, This Is Jiraiya'S 5 Strongest Students!

Well, this is Jiraiya’s student who is the strongest and shows the most training given by the teacher.

Jiraiya taught him how to control chakrasescape from Genjutsumade a contract with the Myoboku frog, and several others.

As for other powers, we know how strong Naruto is, starting from chakras Kurama has the power of Hagoromo, plus Senjutsu which he trained himself in Myoboku.

So, which is your favorite Jiraiya student?

Article first published on November 12 2019, re-released on March 26 2024.

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