Grisaia: Phantom Trigger anime series will premiere in 2024

Grisaia: Phantom Trigger Anime Series Will Premiere In 2024 Grisaia Phantom Trigger Anime Visual 2024 2

Announced in 2022 the official website of Grisaia: Phantom Trigger the Animationthe anime series adaptation of the game Grisaia: Phantom Triggerin addition to this promotional image revealed that the premiere will take place in 2024.

As we previously reported, the animation is from Bibury Animation Studios (Grisaia: Phantom Trigger, Gotoubun no Hanayome, Azur Lane) who previously animated the other anime projects in the franchise. The OVA debuted in March 2019.

From the 2019 OVA they return Maaya Uchida like Reindeer, Ayane Sakura like Tohka, Kaori Nazuka like Christina and Atsumi Tanezaki like Murasaki.

The director of the anime series Tenshofounded the new animation studio Bibury Animation Studio, to produce the anime as his first work. Tensho He is also writing and supervising the scripts. Akio Watanabethe franchise’s original character designer Grisaiais the anime’s character designer and chief animation director. Ryuichiro Yamakawa is producing the anime. A Frontwing is financing the anime on its own rather than using a production committee.

Kosuke Murayama He is an assistant director. Hitoshi Fujima (Elements Garden) and Fuminori Matsumoto are composing the music, and Jun Nishimurafrom NBC Universal, is producing the song. Yoshino Nanjō This is going to present the final theme “Sayonara no Wakusei” (Farewell Planet).

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