Haikyuu!!: New commercial for the film available

Haikyuu!!: Disponível Novo Comercial Do Filme

The new ‘Haikyuu!! Battle at the Garbage Dump’ has a new commercial that shows volleyball players in action. The premiere takes place on February 26th in cinemas in Japan.

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The story follows the journey of Shoyo Hinata, a young man who falls in love with volleyball after watching an exciting national championship match on television. He begins training and forms a team in his final year of elementary school, but faces a heartbreaking defeat at the hands of the favorites led by Tobio Kageyama.

Finally, Haruichi Furudate released the Haikyuu manga!! in 2011 and ended the series in July 2020. Furthermore, Shueisha published the 45th and final volume of the manga in November 2020.

Excited for the new Haikyuu movie!! which premieres in February?

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