Hibike! Euphonium: Season 3 premiere date announced

Hibike! Euphonium: Anunciada Data De Estreia Da 3ª Temporada

The anime Hibike! Euphonium (Sound! Euphonium) had its premiere date officially announced for the 3rd season, in addition to its total number of episodes.

Check out the Hibike premiere date! Euphonium

The NHK channel reported that the series will premiere on April 7th this year with a total of 13 episodes. On social media, the channel concluded by saying: The main character, Kumiko, will face the final competition as a high school student! Please wait eagerly.

Hibike!  Euphonium 3


The story revolves around the girl Kumiko, who is passionate about music, but ended up putting aside her dream of participating in the symphonic band club when she suffered disappointment during elementary school. Now a high school girl, Kumiko decides to try new horizons, but ends up being pulled by her new friends into the brass music club, where she decides not to make the same mistakes of the past.

The original author of the light novels, Ayano Takedapublished the story of Kumiko’s third year in high school in a total of two volumes.

Finally excited about the premiere date of the new Hibike season! Euphonium?

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