Hideo Kojima explains why he will never stop creating

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Hideo Kojima Explains Why He Will Never Stop Creating Hideo Kojima Filme Live Action Press 2

Hideo Kojimathe famous creator of Metal Gear It is Death Strandingis one of the most influential creators in the industry, even recently presented at The Game Awards 2023 your next game”OD” and saw the confirmation of adaptation for live-action film of your game Death Stranding.

Recently on twitter Hideo Kojima talked about his desire to create and why it will never allow him to reform. He stated that creating things is not a job for him, but rather a way of life.

Hideo Kojima stated:

The reason I am independent and advocate a lifelong career is because for me “creating things” is no longer a job. This is why there is no retirement. Creating things is living. One more thing. In the game industry, there are very few people who have managed to become independent from a major game production studio, whether in Japan or abroad.

Even eight years ago, when I started my own company, I was opposed by everyone, including my peers, colleagues and family, who said: “This will never work!”

They said it would be impossible without the financial and organizational strength of a company. However, someone must prove that this is an antiquated way of thinking. Young creators must have freedom of choice. This is one of the reasons I continue to “create things”.

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