Himitsu no AiPri already has a release date

Himitsu No Aipri Already Has A Release Date Himitsu No Aipri Visual 2

In addition to this promotional image, the official website of Himitsu no AiPri (Secret AiPri), the new anime series in the franchise Prettyrevealed that the premiere will take place on April 7, 2024.

With animation by the studios OLM It is Dongwoo A&Ethe direction is Jun’ichi Fujisaku (Blood+, DEEMO Memorial Keys, Loups=Garous – The Motion Picture) and Kentaro Yamaguchi (Beyblade Burst God, PuniRunes, Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z) and the character design is by Yuki Nagano.

The series has the slogan “Watashi-tachi no Muteki na Live de Mezase! Kirakira no Buzzrium Change!” The franchise has long been centered around the joint concepts of music, dance and fashion. This series adds the “secret” theme, as well as the story premise of making dreams come true for children who want to become someone and transform themselves.

The franchise Pretty started with the game Pretty Rhythm: Mini Skirt in 2010. The game inspired four anime series, as well as five anime films and the spinoff franchise King of Prism. The continuation of the game PriPara (Prism Paradise) was released in 2014 and inspired four anime series and four anime films.

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