Isekai Shikkaku anime trailer reveals debut in July 2024

Isekai Shikkaku Anime Trailer Reveals Debut In July 2024 No Longer Allowed In Another World Pv Screenshot

With this trailer the Kadokawa revealed that the anime series adaptation of the manga Isekai Shikkaku (No Longer Allowed In Another World) by Hiroshi Noda It is Takahiro Wakamatsu will premiere in July 2024 (Summer anime season).

The staff and cast were also revealed, as well as a new promotional image that you can see below.

With animation by the studio Atelier Pontdarc (Uncle From Another World), directed by Shigeki Kawai (Uncle From Another World), the argument is Yasuhiro Nakanishi (Kaguya-sama: Love is War, Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun, My Love Story With Yamada-kun at Lv999) and the character design is by Tomoshige Inayoshi It is Asako Inayoshi (Buddy Complex). The design of the monsters is Kenji Terao and music is the responsibility of Kenichiro Suehiro.

In the cast we have:

Isekai Shikkaku (No Longer Human…In Another World) began publishing on Yawaraka Spirits in October 2019.

Synopsis of Isekai Shikkaku

An adventure in another world with cute girls by your side and video game powers sounds like an anime fan’s dream, right? Not so for melancholy author Osamu Dazai, who would literally rather drop dead. Video games hadn’t even been invented yet when he was pulled into another world in 1948. In fact, all the fantastic adventure he’s been on is just getting in the way of his poetic dream of finding the perfect place to die. But no matter how much he risks his skin, everything seems to continue to work out. Follow a miserable hero like no other in this gleefully dark isekai comedy!

This duo’s previous manga, Love After World Dominationreceived an anime series adaptation in 2012.

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