Ishura anime series trailer shows opening theme

Ishura Anime Series Trailer Shows Opening Theme Ishura Anime Pov Op Screenshot

With its premiere scheduled for January 3, 2024, you can see a new trailer for the anime series adaptation of the novel above. Ishura in Keiso It is Kureta where we can hear the opening theme “Shura ni Otoshite” (Falling into the Carnage) by sajou no hana.

Ishura It will also be broadcast on Kadokawa’s YouTube channel and on ABEMA from January 10th. The anime will be broadcast exclusively on Disney+ all around the world.

The animation is from the studio passion (Interspecies Reviewers, Joshikousei no Mudazukai, Citrus), directed by Yuki Ogawa (FLCL Progressive, Mieruko-chan) under the supervision of Takeo Takahashi (Hinako Note, The Island of Giant Insects) and the argument is Kenta Ihara (Mieruko-chan, Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy-).

Ishura Anime Series Trailer Shows Opening Theme Ishura Aniem Visual 3 1
© 2023 珪素/KADOKAWA/異修羅製作委員会
  • Production Assistants: Takuya Asaoka, Fujiaki Asari, Takahiro Majima, Hironori Aoyagi
  • Character Designers: Yoko Kikuchi, Yuka TakashinaMonster Designers: Seiji Handa, Hiroya Iijima
  • Mecha Designer: Kanta Suzuki
  • Scenario designer: Tatsuya Fukushima
  • Art Manager: Nobuhito Sue, Shūhei Tada
  • Background Art: Kusanagi
  • Art Directors: Kazuo Ogura, Yuuki Hatakeyama
  • Color Key: Ritsuko Utagawa
  • Composition/Photography: SANZIGEN
  • Photography direction: Mari Inoue
  • Publishers: Ayako Tan, Nami Niinuma
  • Music: Masahiro Tokuda
  • Musical production: Kadokawa
  • Sound Direction: Takatoshi Hamano
  • Sound effects: Katsuhiro Nakajima
  • Sound production: Magic Capsule

In the list we find:

  • Yuuki Kaji as Soujiro the Willow-Sword
  • Reina Ueda as Yuno the Distant Talon
  • Jun Fukuyama like Ars the Starrider
  • Akio Ohtsuka as Hargent the Silencer
  • Romi Park in the role of Taren the Punished
  • Sōichiro Hoshi in the role of Dakai the Magpie
  • Showtaro Morikubo – Regnejee the Sunset Wings
  • Sora Amamiya How to Enjoy the Clear Sky
  • Aoi Yūki in the role of Kia the World Word
  • Mamiko Noto: Elea the Red Tag
  • Rie Takahashi as Nihilo the Vortical Stampede
  • Kōichi Yamadera like Shalk the Sound Slicer

Ishura began to be published in Shōsetsuka ni Narō It is Kakuyomu in September 2019. A manga adaptation by Meguri began publication in March 2021.

Synopsis of Ishura

In a world where the Demon King died, a series of demigods capable of overthrowing him have inherited the world: a master fencer who can discover how to defeat his opponent with a single glance; a spearman so fast he can break the sound barrier; a wyvern rogue who fights with three legendary weapons at once; an all-powerful wizard who can turn thoughts into reality; and an angelic assassin who deals instant death. Eager to earn the title of “A True Hero,” each of these champions pursues challenges against formidable enemies and sparks conflict. The battle to determine the mightiest of the powerful begins.

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